About Yama Yoga Store


Hello, my name is Mary C. Rhodomoyer, my spirit given name is Soorya Kirti Kaur. I have had a direct and consistent focus on health and healing from alternate perspectives, with a target on holistic methodologies and meditation since I was a teen. I witnessed miraculous recoveries and remissions with the use of alternative healing techniques from a young age which pushed my interest through adulthood. I found myself seeking clear answers to physical and psychological conditions through yoga and studying its many accompanying texts. I also have been a sole practitioner of asana in varying styles and what I found was so much more than a physical practice. I found a philosophy that resonated with me! Yoga, as a practice and alternative health and healing studies, took the form of a hyper-focused hobby while I was studying my MFA in Photography at Tyler School of Art. The tides of life took me many wonderful places in my arts degree and teaching at Universities but in that my yoga practice had its ebbs and flows. I had been consistent in meditation however and sampled varying degrees of visual, mantra, and deep breathing practices from a variety of sources for many years. I am currently absorbed for an hour a day in Yoga Asana and Meditation and looking forward to finishing my 200 HR Yoga Teacher Training. I look forward to starting and ending my day in these practices and consciously and humbly am moving in a gradient of choices that reflect the Yoga Life. I am a certified Reiki III Master and practitioner, along with a certification in Thai Reflexology and Thai Yoga Massgae. I took a general course in hypnotherapy where I received a beginning certification.



The Yama Yoga Store is my way of shifting my attention and intention. This calling has allowed me to contemplate and deepen a connection to my community and practice. I offer Fair Trade Accessories and Essentials, Organic and responsible sustainable products to inspire, energize, and refresh you as you build your own Yogi lifestyle! The Yama Yoga Store has a wide assortment of Meditation and Healing products like our beautiful Crystal and Metal Singing BowlsChakra focused Candles, Essential Oils, and even Tea. Look no further if you are considering taking a Course on Chakracology or getting Certified in Meditation. We also have a variety of the most essential Yoga Gear, Jewelry, and Apparel that will serve you well in this process, your process. Take time for yourself, dive into action, and find your voice in the yogic life!


Namaste ਸਤਿ ਨਾਮੁ