Yoga Inspired Unique Accents Perfect for your Yogi Space


Yama Yoga Store offers a diverse collection of yoga-inspired accents which will compliment your practice space. Shop the Yama Yoga Store and the entire collection of fair trade accents that connects modern concepts of design with traditional craft.  Shop now for intricately designed Tea Light Holders, Wood Boxes for Jewelry, Incense or any of Yama Yoga Store’s special yogically inspired decor made from true artisans. Decorate and design your space with the Yama Yoga Store’s collection of beautiful and colorful Mandala Throws.


Decorate Your Intention


Accents in your yogisphere are essential to your Zen space. The sound of Bells, the smell of the perfect incense, the sight the colorful Paper Prayer Flags and the design of the Mandala Throws will beautify and compliment your space. After all the yogic space is about balance and a connection to your environment that enhances all of the five senses. The first item I chose to put in my yoga practice space was the 8-inch Meditative Yoga Goddess in Sandstone. Be inspired, be energized!


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7 3/4" Turquoise Buddha

StatueYama Yoga’s Buddha StatueThis vibrant buddha statue makes for a beautiful contemporary..


11" Ganesha on Pedestal

StatueYama Yoga’  11" Ganesha on PedestalThis gorgeous Buddah statue is featured i..


12" Sitting Buddha Blue

StatueYama Yoga’s Blue Buddah StatueThe symbol of Buddah is represented in this beautiful co..


30" x 40" Ganesha Multi Color tapestry

TapestryYama Yoga’s Multi-Color TapestryAccent your home and remove blockages with this vibr..


44" x 72" Knot Mandala Tie Dye Sarong

SarongYama Yoga’s Mandala TapestryThis cool-toned blue and purple tie dye tapestry is made f..


54" x 86" Elephant Tree tapestry

TapestryYama Yoga’s Tree of Life Elephant TapestryThis 100% cotton vibrant Tree of Life tape..


54" x 86" Elephant Tree Tapestry (tie dye)

TapestryYama Yoga’s Elephant Tree TapestryAccent your home with this black-on-tie dye elepha..


54" x 86" Lotus Ganesh Tapestry

TapestryYama Yoga’s Lotus Ganesh TapestryThis vibrant and colorful tapestry features a lotus..


54" x 86" Om multi color Tapestry

TapestryYama Yoga’s Om TapestryThis vibrant multi-colored tapestry features a large om symbo..


54" x 86" Tree of Life tapestry

TapestryYama Yoga’s Tree of Life TapestryThis tapestry features a seated lotus-posed person ..


58" x 82" Om Lotus Tapestry

TapestryYama Yoga’s Om and Lotus TapestryThis beautiful 100% cotton tapestry features t..


72" x 108" Lotus Chakra Tapestry

TapestryYama Yoga’s Lotus TapestryThis 100% cotton tapestry/bed cover features Lotus and Cha..


8" Lotus Yoga Goddess Sandstone

Lotus Goddess Statue Yama Yoga’s Sandstone Yoga Goddess StatueThe Yoga Goddess line..


8" Meditative Yoga Goddess Sandstone

8” Yoga Goddess Statue Yama Yoga’s Meditating Goddess StatueThis sandstone statue f..


84" x 96" Ombre Red Orange Mandala Tapestry

TapestryYama Yoga’s Red/Orange Mandala TapestryThis tapestry features a mandala against red ..