Headbands & Wraps

Headbands & Wraps

Keep Your Head Together with Headbands and Headwraps 


The Yama Yoga Store loves Yogi Bhajan who taught his pupils that even your hair is alive and has energy. Who Knew! In Kundalini the idea is to train and be aware of subtle energies so he recommends covering the head and hair with a cotton cloth or wrapped turban. Wearing a turban gives you the focus to be aware of your 6th Chakra while meditating and practicing. Covering the whole head helps to literally “Keep Your Head Together” Just what I am looking for! As with all things Accessories, we wear our intent. Your head is just the place to announce it! Live it! 

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Cabana Sari Headband- Assorted - Matr Boomie (A)

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Flower of Life Headband - Green - Global Groove (W)

HeadbandYama Yoga’s Flower of Life HeadbandKeep your hair comfortably in place with this str..


Flower of Life Headband - Grey - Global Groove (W)

HeadbandYama Yoga’s Grey Flower of Life HeadbandKeep your hair comfortably secure with this ..


Flower of Life Headband - Orange - Global Groove (W)

HeadbandYama Yoga’s Flower of Life HeadbandThe meaningful Flower of Life design and bright o..


Flower of Life Headband - Teal - Global Groove (W)

HeadbandYama Yoga’s Teal Flower of Life HeadbandTame your hair during exercise or simple rel..


Gauze Headwrap Scarf in CREAM

Head Wrap Yama Yoga’s Cream Head Wrap Scarf. This 100% cotton head wrap scarf is great ..


Just Live Headband - Black

Yoga Inspired Headband Choose the Just Live Headbands from Yama Yoga Store for your wor..


Unisex eco Triblend Beanie

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Unisex Triblend Beanie

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Women's Eco Triblend Headband

Headband Get into the very best material for your Headband. You will be in comfort with..


Gauze Headwrap Scarf - White

Scarf Yama Yoga’s Gauze Headwrap Scarf. This stunning 65-inch by 17-inch white hea..


Soft Turban in WHITE - Natural Fiber Cotton, Double-Layered / Wrap Yourself in Pillows

Turban Yama Yoga’s Soft White Turban. Made with a soft cotton gauze, this turban h..