Inspired Accents

Inspired Accents

Unique Accents Perfect for your Yoga Space



Yama Yoga Store offers a diverse collection of yoga-inspired accents that will complement your practice space. Shop the Yama Yoga Store and the entire collection of fair trade accents that connects modern concepts of design with traditional craft.  Shop now for intricately designed and expertly crafted accents to complete your Yoga Space. 


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Tree of Life herb box 6" x 9"

Herb Box The Tree of Life herb box offered to you by the Yama Yoga Store gives you..


7 3/4" Turquoise Buddha Out Of Stock

7 3/4" Turquoise Buddha

StatueYama Yoga’s Buddha StatueThis vibrant buddha statue makes for a beautiful contemporary..


Black and Gold Laughing Buddha

Laughing Buddha Statue This Laughing Buddha is sure to bring happiness to the faces of ..


Bronze Kuan Yin Statue

8.25 inch Kuan Yin Statue Bronze Statue | Yama Yoga StoreThis amazing detailed bron..


Buddha Chakra Wind Chime

Buddha Chakra Wind Chime This wind chime is 9.5 inches with a beautiful, simple design...


Buddha Statue 5"

Statue of Buddha This intricately detailed statue of the Buddha featured at the Yama Yo..


Buddha with Blue Cloth and Mirror Ornaments

Buddha with Blue Clothing & Mirror Ornaments The depiction of this seated Buddha wi..


Buddha with Rhinestone Sash - Abhaya Mudra

Buddha Statue This Buddha statue featured at the Yama Yoga Store shows a seated Buddha ..


Celtic Wooden Cupboard

Wood Cupboard This elegant wood cupboard brought to you by the Yama Yoga Store has patt..


Chakra Faux Journal Stash Box

Stash Box The Yama Yoga Store Faux Journal Chakra Stash Box is a beautifully designed 4..


Egyptian Goddess Isis

Isis The Yama Yoga Store brings you this very regal depiction of Isis with spread wings..


Henna Treasure Bell Cascade - Gray

Bells Yama Yoga’s Hanging Bell DisplayAccent your home with this hanging decoration..


Henna Treasure Bell Cascade - Teal

Bells Yama Yoga’s Hanging Bell DisplayAccent your home with this hanging decoration..


Kuan Yin 5 1/2"

Kuan Yin 5 1/2" A wonderfully detailed statue showing the serene and compassionate coun..


Lakshmi Statue

 Lakshmi This statue is a beautifully detailed depiction of the goddess L..