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Mala Beads

Mala Beads



Mala means garland in Sanskrit. Mala Beads are a traditional tool used to count the number of times a mantra is recited or to count breaths while meditating. The Yama Yoga Store has Mala beads to fit your style and energy. We have amazing natural stone, crystal, and wood beads. Many of us now wear our beautiful Mala Beads so they are handy when we need them. 






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Rosewood & Turquoise Japmala

Japmala This is a 108 bead Japmal with Tassel is brought to you by the Yama Yoga Store ..


Amethyst Mala 5.5mm

MalaYama Yoga’s Amethyst MalaThis beautiful prayer mala features polished amethyst beads and..


Fluorite & Amethyst Ball Elastic Mala

Mala Yama Yoga’s Fluorite and Amethyst MalaThis elastic band mala features rounded ..


Garnet & Rutilated Quartz Elastic Mala

MalaYama Yoga’s Garnet and Quartz Mala This mala features garnet which offers prote..


Prayer Mala Beads - Amethyst - 108 Prayer Beads

Amethyst Prayer Mala Yama Yoga Store brings you a stunning amethyst prayer mala for use..


Prayer Mala Beads - Clear Crystal Quartz - 108 Prayer Beads

Clear Crystal Quartz Beaded Mala  To be matched with the “Om” mantra, Yama Yoga St..


Prayer Mala Beads - Man-Made Malachite - 108 Prayer Beads

Malachite Prayer Mala The unique viridescence of malachite is reflected in Yama Yoga St..


Prayer Mala Beads - Moon Stone - 108 Prayer Beads

Moon Stone Mala Moonstone is known for its soft, off-white hues. Yama Yoga Store brings..


Prayer Mala Beads - Rosewood - 108 Prayer Beads

Rosewood Mala Rosewood features a deep hue and this is reflected in the 108 polished be..


Prayer Mala Beads - Rudraksha - 108 Prayer Beads

Rudraksha Mala Rudraksha beads are created from the seeds of a Himalayan fruit tree whi..


Prayer Mala Beads - Sandalwood - 108 Prayer Beads -9%

Prayer Mala Beads - Sandalwood - 108 Prayer Beads

Sandalwood Mala The 108 beads of Yama Yoga Store’s sandalwood mala ..

$34.66 $31.66

Prayer Mala Beads - Tiger Eye - 108 Prayer Beads

Tiger’s Eye Mala Blends of gold and yellow are within within each bead of this stunning..


Prayer Mala Beads - Tulasi - 108 Prayer Beads

Prayer Mala Beads The Yama Yoga Store offers you these amazing Tulasi meaning “the..


Red Sandalwood Prayer Mala 7mm

MalaYama Yoga’s Red Sandalwood Prayer MalaThe beads of this prayer mala are carved and from ..