Yoga Inspired Jewelry

Yoga Inspired Jewelry

Unique Yoga Inspired Jewelry 



Yama Yoga Store offers a diverse collection of unique yoga-inspired jewelry which will not only complement your practice but can be beautiful, potent and energizing for your everyday life. Shop the Yama Yoga Store and the entire collection of fair trade & handmade jewelry like our copper & brass healing braceletsbeaded bracelets, necklaces, chakra jewelry, and earrings. Men shop the Yama Yoga Store for fair trade jewelry from Nepal and Thailand for that good vibe, inspired look!   


Wear Your Intention Well


Jewelry can be a dynamic healing tool and a significant symbol of intent. In some modern traditions and ancient cultures, the ritual act spiritual leaders were about to perform or knowledge they were about to invoke first came from what they wore. Take note that not every healer's jewelry is the same and this is because the meaning behind each piece is chosen according to the intentions of the healer. Choosing inspirational jewelry may seem intimidating but here at the Yama Yoga Store, we have the jewelry that represents your affirmations, your intentions and the things you are most attracted to. I choose to wear the Recycled Blue Glass Abacus Earrings. They are handmade from ancient traditions using recycled glass. Just what I am looking for in sustainability and style. 





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Ganesha Carnelian Earrings

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Ganesha Lapis Pendant

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