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For Her

Comfortable Yoga Apparel for Her


At Yama Yoga Store we have a great selection of yoga apparel for her. Comfortable clothing is a necessity in everyday life but especially during yoga class.  As you free your mind and relax your soul you don’t want to be worrying about your uncomfortable attire as it rides up and restricts your movement.  Yoga ‘type’ clothing has become increasingly popular over the years and has become totally acceptable even outside of the studio while running errands or transporting kids to and from school.  In fact, yoga apparel makes it easy to transition throughout your day comfortably. Choosing just the right outfit is important and has never been easier with our yoga inspired designs.


Have you tried our harem pants?  These are not just pants, but a lifestyle and a lifestyle you’ll love we might add.  They will definitely leave you longing for another pair. We even have our first ever harem jumpsuit that we simply adore.  It comes in over 11 colors. Our harem pants are great for travel, they are lightweight and pack neatly into its own pocket, how convenient is that?  We are so in love with these!!


What’s your yoga style?  We have a little of everything from shorts to leggings and everything in between.  Regardless of your style, our stylish bottoms offer a little something for everyone.  These are great for yoga class and are stylish enough to wear out and about as you run errands, grocery shop or if you just need a cute option for a quick jog around the neighborhood.


We can’t forget about the importance of the base layer, your bra.  Bras have come a long way over the years and many are now ‘meant to be seen’ under your clothing rather than be hidden and tucked away.  From fun strappy backs to criss-cross halter tops, bras are now treated almost like an actual top. When shopping for a bra, it is not only important to be comfortable but also supportive depending upon your activity.  We have low, medium and high impact styles that are both functional and stylish. These are perfect to coordinate with any outfit.


Do you love tanks, long sleeves or crop tops?  Everyone has their own preference in tops and we have a variety of styles that we have hand selected for you to choose from.  Maybe your style changes with the weather and that’s okay too. All the more reason to have options in your yoga drawer.


Are you looking for additional knit accessories?  Try our fingerless gloves or legwarmers for a touch of comfort and warmth in cooler months.  They are both perfect to add effortless style. Oh and don’t forget to check out our scarves too.  They will wrap you in luxury, all day long and are the perfect coverup for pre and post-practice.


If you have a yogi in your life or maybe you just love the yoga lifestyle, our apparel is the perfect match for you.  Browse all of our apparel for her collection for more inspiring ideas that will complete your look and make you feel confident throughout the day.