Harem Pants

Harem Pants

Harem Pants Aren't Just Pants, They Are a Lifestyle


The harem pant is traced back nearly 2,000 years to the garments known as salvors worn in western and southwestern Asia. Yama Yoga Store offers a diverse collection of yoga-inspired pants and jumpsuits which will not only complement your practice but are beautiful, potent in style and energizing for your everyday life. These 100% cotton pants allow for an endless summer of travel and portability. They are the most versatile pants as you can wear them to your favorite yoga class, concert, tied to a backpack or slipped on after that cool swim on the beach. They look great with heels and bare feet. Throw them on wrinkled or press them for your favorite brunch date. These pants pack up into their own pocket making a pillow…. just what I need on the beach!



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Flower Harem Jumpsuit - BP

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Jean Harem Jumpsuit - BP

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Medicine Eye Jumper - BP

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Aztec Harem Pants by Buddha Pants

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Beige Aztec Jumpsuit By Buddha Pants

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Beige Tribal Harem Jumpsuit By Buddha Pants

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Black Harem Jumpsuit By Buddha Pants

JumpsuitYama Yoga’s Black JumpsuitThis harem jumpsuit is made with a lightweight 100% cotton..


Dandelion Harem Jumpsuit By Buddha Pants

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Digital Rainbow Harem Jumpsuit

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Elephant Jumper

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Elephant Pants - BP

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Fall Solid Aladdin Pants

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Grey Zag Harem Jumpsuit By Buddha Pants

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Mandala Gypsy Pants By Buddha Pants

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