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  • Laughter Yoga

    Laughter Yoga Ok, before I go on about how cool it was practicing this...and I will continue practicing... I have to give you a little bit of backg...
  • Reset and Recharge with These 5 Energizing Yoga Poses

    Reset and Recharge!
  • Sacred Practice of Hand Mudras

    The Yama Yoga Store talks about the sacred practice of hand mudras and how it correlates to modern reflexology.
  • Get in Rhythm with Tuning Forks

    The Yama Yoga Store discusses the healing nature of Tuning Forks.
  • Holiday Mat Slack - Three Ways Back to Your Yoga Mat

    Three ways back to your Yoga Mat...
  • The Difference Between Oracle and Tarot?

    Yama Yoga talks about the difference between Oracle and Tarot Decks and reading.
  • The Sutras as Guidance

    The Yama Yoga Store opens up about the Sutras and how they have helped me through a rough year...
  • The Very Real Side Effects of Meditation

    The following is based on my own practice and experience with over 30 years of meditation.    I had recently read a study where a variety of inex...
  • Revisiting the Crown

  • Transitioning your Yoga Practice to Spring

    Move your Yoga practice into Spring with these 5 Yoga Postures.
  • Own Your Solar Plexus Power

    The Yama Yoga Store talks about how easy it is to give your Solar Plexus Energy Center some deserved love. Each Wednesday focus on this Chakra with some nourishing ideas.
  • Take Time to Focus On the Sacral

     Find out how easy it is to nurture your energy centers by breaking it up into days of the week. Each day is a focus and Tuesday is for the Sacral. 
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