5 Health Benefits of Extended Side Angle Pose

5 Health Benefits of Extended Side Angle Pose


Utthita Parsvakonasana is the name of this asana and it literally means extended side flank angle pose. It is a mouthful but is pronounced: (oo-TEA-tah parsh-vah-cone-AHS-anna). "Say that 10 times fast." (I am learning!)


In truth, it is one of the best poses for stretching the sides of your waist which can be somewhat collapsed while sitting or engaging in so many different kinds of work scenarios. The benefits are numerous but here are the best 5  I could find for moving this pose into my exercise and yoga routine and therefore recommending it to you.


1. This pose helps to stretch your sides which includes the sides of your waist, hips, and groins.

2. The extended side angle pose strengthens your back, neck, and abdominals.

3. The pose is therapeutic for neck pain, back pain, and osteoporosis.

4. When engaged in the extended side angle pose it opens your chest and shoulders which makes this a great pose for opening the heart chakra.

5. As you engage your body into this pose it can alleviate or even eliminate the symptoms of anxiety and stress. 




When doing this kind of pose you should have a good sticky mat or be on a non-slip surface and have a yoga block on hand to aid you.


The following is a link to performing the extended side angle pose properly:

Extended Side Angle Pose Video





Your Experience Matters!


Write to us in the comments section as we would love to hear any experiences you may have with Extended Side Angle Pose!



Be Well and Stay Well!

Sat Nam ਸਤਿ ਨਾਮੁ

Written by Soorya Kirti Kaur



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