8 Step Energy Healing Method to Free Yourself from Fear

8 Step Energy Healing Method to Free Yourself from Fear


“Many people try to find a spiritual path where they do not have to face themselves, but where they can still liberate themselves–liberate themselves from themselves, in fact. In truth, this is impossible. We cannot do that. We have to be honest with ourselves. We have to see our gut, our real shit, our most undesirable parts. We have to see that. That is the foundation of warriorship and the basis of conquering fear. We have to face our fear; we have to look at it, study it, work with it, and practice meditation with it.”

~ Chögyam Trungpa



It is not unusual to be excessively fearful of something based on experience. When I was younger, I had multiple dreams about death snakes, sometimes double-headed ones that I had to catch and then kill. First and foremost, I don’t want to harm anything… I catch flies and put them outside, and I am careful not to disturb smaller things in my environment like ants, etc.… I use kind methods to detract mice and insects from my home. I namely use essential oils, and this works great for me! Next, I try to extend love to all beings. These crazy dreams, however, put me over the edge and in a rare and ugly state of panic when it came to encountering a snake. I once went into a pet store and unexpectedly walked into a room where there were large tanks of snakes and one of the tanks was right at my face as I entered the room…as I turned the snake was looking right at me. I awoke in my car with the door hanging open in the parking lot. (I am laughing at this right now) I don’t remember a thing. We have all kinds of fears for all kinds of reasons that put us either into light or heavy-duty panic and whether or not others find our fears reasonable or realistic the panic is very real! Fear, after all, is fear. I was able to get over the snake fear by using a combination of exposing myself to snakes in safe situations and to get the rest of the fear out of my system by using the following method. The following photograph was taken by me at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia as I approached this lovely snake charmer and snake on the street I realized my fears were gone. 






I love this method…it is powerful and works magic to get you centered, reduce the stress of the panic and actually drives the energy of fear out of the body! It may take a few runs of practice as at first you must focus on the problem at hand. But here goes:



  • Stand or sit on a meditation cushion and focus on the negative experience or the root of the fear. Take notice of how much stress or panic you feel. Try and give it a measure from 1-10. If you are experiencing a 5 -6 and above this method is for you!


  • Now, clear your mind by closing your eyes taking 3 deep breaths. Open your eyes and look straight ahead. Keep your head still.


  • Go at your own pace and use your right hand to tap on your left collarbone several times while opening and closing your eyes. Breathe easy.


  • Use your left hand to tap on your right collarbone several times while opening and closing your eyes. Breathe easy.


  • Now stop that motion and take a deep breath. Use your intention to rid yourself of the fear and place your crossed arms on top of each shoulder. Stroke your arms from your shoulders to your wrists. Repeat this motion several times as you think about removing the fear from your body. You are brushing out the fear in a very literal way. 


  • When you feel like the fear has subsided stop and then finish this sequence with a deep breath. Breathe in love and out fear.


  • You should feel a sense of release from the confines of the fear. 


  • Repeat a few times to rid your self fully of the fear. 


  • Breathe








Keep in mind when it comes to fear it is good to help your body through the experience and not to ignore it!. 

Use energy healing methods every day to help you and your body through stress, panic, and anxiety.

Let us know your experience with energy healing in the comments section!







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