Springtime is Near, 9 Steps to the New Spring You!

Spring Cleanse

It is now Spring-ish. Here in Philadelphia, the trees are budding, and I see dandelions, buttercups all wiggling their way to the surface looking for the warmth of the spring sun and enjoying as I do, the smell and nourishment of a small spring rain. This is very promising and if you live in the northeast there is nothing better. This week people came “out of the woodwork” to jog, walk and get their bodies moving along the streets, paths, and parks.

It is this season that I find most important to get rid of the old stagnation, toxicity, and mental clogging of the winter, where curling up on the couch in the dinnertime darkness leads to nights of stagnation. Spring is truly the season of new beginnings.

I happen to start early in February to start and rev up my very slow-moving metabolism. February 6th, on the Chinese calendar, is the date where the ground starts to warm, and the springtime energies start to build a presence. It is a great time to activate the liver by adding some spicier foods into your diet. It is also a great time to eliminate sugar and sour foods that can slow the liver down. Put it on your digital or journal calendar for next year!

However, it is now March and most people are just gearing up, seeing the light and thinking in terms of getting outside. Here is the easiest cleanse that will take your body from winter blues to spring energy relatively quickly. Many people find this cleanse do-able and folks are much more motivated than they were in January after making New Year’s resolutions that fell by the wayside by the end of the month. The following 10 steps will rev your body and clear your mind so you can change seasons with ease.  

The Cleanse:

1. Watch your diet for 3 days. Eliminate extra cups of coffee, alcohol, and tobacco. Cut out sugar and complex carbohydrates. You can eliminate these items slowly over 3 days. 

2. In the mornings give your body, mind, and eyes time to wake up with no smart devices or TV. Smile and bless the day ahead. Try to do this everyday not just during a cleanse!

3. Start each morning with a cup of hot water adding 1tbs of lemon juice and a dash of cayenne. I use a large dash of cayenne and can really feel the cayenne kicking in and heating me up. 

4. Do 5 - 30 minutes of gentle stretching in the morning or take a walk outside on a path or trail. Get into nature! Try using an app or online instruction to introduce good Yogic (Pranayama) breathing techniques or for yoga exercises that fit your current flexibility. This is essential to upping your game!  Simple Yoga routines like Sun Salutations are great for flexibility and building strength. Get yourself a good Bolster & Yoga Mat or Block if you are just starting out to help you into more difficult postures.

5. For seven days eat a simple diet (Do not use protein shakes). Take in the best fats from fresh Avocados, Olive Oils, and Almonds. Eat fresh spring greens at every meal including breakfast. For those that cannot digest raw veggies, steam them or juice them with a small sprinkling of good sea salt. Use dandelion, ginger, bitter greens and kales for an extra boost. Eat meals slowly with intent concentrating on each bite and absorbing the flavor. Stop eating 3 hours before bed - a good thing to follow year-round as late eating and digestion can lead to poor sleep.

6.  For seven days prepare a vegetable juice of celery, apple, cucumber, beets, kale, and ginger, adding 2 tbs of flax oil to the mix. Drink two cups of this per day at morning and afternoon snack time. This can be made a day ahead. Add your favorite herbal tea several times per day. 

7. Lastly, each night before bed do a relaxing yoga routine for sleep. You can find many short and effective routines for bedtime. I like Yoga Nidra for Sleep and like to listen to a good teacher via YouTube or use the free Insight Timer App. Yoga Nidra routines give us the deepest possible state of relaxation without actually sleeping, a very close state to that of meditative consciousness. Yoga Nidra or Sleep mediations help guide you to a peaceful state or give you sleep. 

8. Burn some Palo Santo or smudge your house with Sage, use Essential Oils and a diffuser for getting rid of the stale winter energies that fill your home. Fresh smells of Bergamot and Peppermint can bring your air to life as well as your body. 

9. Clear out clutter from your house, office, or other workspaces.  A clear house reflects a clear mind! Adopt fresh new colors and even a bouquet of Spring Flowers to liven your environment. 

So clear the air, your space, your body, your mind and feel your best going into the months ahead!

Caution: This cleanse may lead to better health, weight loss, and more defined muscle. :) 

Sat Nam ਸਤਿ ਨਾਮੁ
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Written by Mary C. Rhodomoyer


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