A Memorial Day Ritual for Gratitude

A Memorial Day Ritual for Gratitude



The “unofficial start of summer” holiday, Memorial Day, will be celebrated May 27th this year, 2019. The weekend looks bright and beautiful here on the East Coast and I cannot wait to get in my boat (kayak) and perhaps engage in some outdoor Yoga and meditation. There is nothing I want more than to celebrate this weekend.


However, because I have had family in the military, I always do something to honor all who have served. While I may not engage much in parades, I do my own thing, spend some time and send out as much love as I can to those persons who gave their lives for liberty and freedom. There is a slight overshadowing of honoring those persons on Memorial Day as we contemplate our summer backyard BBQ’s and days at the beach and spend time with friends and neighbors.


I would like to share a small but faithful ritual that can be done by anyone, anytime during the holiday weekend. While folks engage in gratitude toward military persons and families it can change the trajectory of energies flowing toward them. This particular ritual provides an opportunity to remember those who lost their lives to war, honor survivors and those serving in any conflict. For those we lost, we remember, “What we remember lives on.”





You will need:

  • 3 Candles
  • Gather 1 Bunch of Wild Flowers


  • Light the first Candle and say words to this effect: “I light this candle in remembrance of the men and women who have died in service to our country. You will never be forgotten."


  • Light the second Candle and say words to this effect: “I light this candle to remember all of the sentient beings who lost their lives in times of conflict. Might I be reminded this Memorial Day to engage in activities that promote wellness and peace to all beings.”


  • Light the third Candle and say words to this effect: “I will light this third candle to honor our freedoms. In the spirit of love, I ask that all those lost to conflict, and all of those survivors feel my blessing today.”


Contemplate the generous love and warmth and contemplate your freedoms. If you can leave the candles to burn safely do so. If not blow them out with intention and gratitude and save them for next year.


Pick some wildflowers to make a small bouquet to symbolize your gratitude. Place the flowers in a glass jar or vase with some fresh water. Put them where you can see and appreciate them this week. As you see these wildflowers be reminded to go back to this place of love and gratitude.




Happy Memorial Day to All


Sat Nam ਸਤਿ ਨਾਮੁ


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