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Yin Yoga

 Historically, Yin Yoga was founded by Master Zink who created a unique style of Taoist Yoga which originated from ancient Taoist health practices, philosophies and the spiritual traditions of China.

Yin Yoga offers people an opening to Yoga Asana that can be cultivated into a lifelong practice. A long-term Yin Yoga practitioner will experience many benefits as Yin Yoga is meant to increase flexibility! This practice stretches the deep connective tissues between the muscles, ligaments and the fascia all throughout the body. Yin is a great starting point for any age new student as Yin is a very gentle slow and meditative practice. It is a practice where your body is supported by your yoga mat, bolsters, cushions and pillows while in Asana and held for longer periods which could range 1-3 minutes and move toward a goal of 5 minutes. This more meditative approach to postures gives rise to us being aware of our bodies…and being aware is when we can note tightness in both the body and mind. So really the long hold times of Yin Yoga postures offer us the opportunity to sit quietly with ourselves. Our bodies are a warehouse for trapped emotions so it’s not uncommon for sensitive thoughts, feelings, and memories to surface while practicing any form of yoga let alone Yin. These trapped emotions leave the body promoting well-being from the inside out. If practiced regularly, Yin Yoga cultivates focus, gentleness, and patience and promotes it in our daily lives. 

 Yin Yoga is that Yoga of quiet contemplation. It is not a bad thing to change up your Vinyasa or Hatha practice for a gentler meditative approach. Challenge yourself to two days a week with Yin, especially during the change of seasons. I must admit It is harder than it looks! Holding poses can be difficult at first so do not expect to go into this with 5-minute holds at the starting gate. Start your sessions with 1-2 minutes per pose and work your body up to the 5. By the time you have hit 5 minutes, you should be experiencing a significant increase in your power and flexibility along with all of the above-mentioned benefits! 

There are many beginning Yin Yoga sessions right at your fingertips on YouTube. here is one of my favorites with Adriene to get you started on this practice!


We would love to hear any experiences you have in the comments section below.

Sat Nam ਸਤਿ ਨਾਮੁ
Soorya Kirti Kaur @ The Yama Yoga Store


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