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Aromatherapy has been used for thousands of years as oils of plants were burned, diffused, used to treat many conditions, create sacred space, and be central in spiritual ritual. Aromatherapy has proven to be amazingly effective  and has become well known as an option for alternative practices here in the United States.

Aromatherapy can be divided into three distinct areas of uses. Aerial diffusion falls in the category of environmental fragrance or disinfection.

Direct inhalation is encouraged to arrest various respiratory problems like respiratory disinfection, congestion, tightness in the chest cavity, and even help with low energy or depression.

Topical applications can be used for relaxation purposes such as massages, in baths, used as compresses, and of course in therapeutic or aesthetic skincare treatments.

Aromatherapy is looked upon as an alternative to the more invasive types of treatments out there. Besides being much more pleasant of a treatment option it can sometimes even be touted as a prevention element to certain conditions.

Today there are many avenues of treatment to explore and Aromatherapy is a fantastic choice! At its core, Aromatherapy can play a major role in relaxing the general state of an individual and contribute to a higher success rate of recovery when combined with other, standard, and western treatments.

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If you are considering the use of Aromatherapy, buying the right essential oils is a crucial aspect to consider. The Yama label is now on the very best 5 core oils chosen for aroma, uses, and mixing combinations that maximize the potential of the 5 oils together and individually. When it comes to Aromatherapy - aroma is everything... and I have tried many essential oils with less or more of a price point, organics, and expensive known brands that do not compare. The Sweet Orange does not smell like an orange popsicle, it has a sophisticated citrus aroma that comes from the peel. The Patchouli Dark is thick and earthy with fresh fruit undertones, while the Tea Tree has that beautiful healing antiseptic and spicy smell. The Lavender has a consistent floral aroma that is not too harsh and I chose lavender 40/42 in my starter kit because it can be used in many applications and is consistent in aroma. The belief that Lavender 40/42 is synthetic, or in some other way is not “real” lavender oil, or is simply low quality is commonplace but very incorrect. Lavender is especially susceptible to aroma changes based on the batch, where it is grown, and certain conditions or weather patterns. This 40/42 is simply a blend of Lavenders that keeps the Lavender aromatically consistent and it smells amazing and works beautifully for any application! My Peppermint Supreme is minty and herbaceous!

Here are my core oils and a few ways I use them:

1. Sweet Orange, Brazilian, Cold Pressed Essential Oil

I use Sweet Orange for 2 very important things. I use it in my diffuser, especially in the winter to energize the space I am in. The citrus aroma is uplifting and can help with low energy during the winter months. I put 3 drops in my diffuser with 2 drops of Peppermint and it really gives me an uplifting feeling! Sweet Orange Oil is anti-fungal and has anti-bacterial properties so I use it on countertops combined with a 1/4 cup of Castile soap and water. It smells fresh and is a fantastic cleaner. There are many recipes out there for cleaning with Sweet Orange Essential Oil.


2. Tea Tree, AAA Australian, Steam Distilled Essential Oil

Oh - Let me count the ways! I use Tea Tree with my favorite carrier oil (coconut) for any skin irritations or to prevent skin rashes. Tea Tree is excellent as an anti-fungal for the skin. Athlete's foot be gone! It can help or cure toenail fungus and is amazing if you use a drop or two in your shampoo to control any kind of scalp irritations including dandruff. I use Tea Tree for congestion as well. Oh and I can't forget the summer...tea tree works amazingly well for treating insect bites.


3. Peppermint Supreme, India Essential Oil

I use Peppermint Supreme in a carrier oil for my patients that receive Thai Reflexology and massage. It is one of the best treatments for muscle aches and swelling. In my house, Peppermint Essential Oil is promoted for treating coughs and colds, reducing pain, improving mental function and reducing stress by using it with other essential oils in my diffuser.


4. Lavender 40/42, Standardized 

I use Lavender to sleep at night. A small amount goes a long way. I also use Lavender as a base for my Yoga Mat Wash which consists of witch hazel with water at a 1-to-4 ratio in a spray bottle. I add 8 drops of Lavender Essential Oil into the bottle along with 4 drops Tea Tree Essential Oil ...each having anti-fungal properties but also freshens the mat.


5. Patchouli Dark, Steam Distilled, Indonesian Essential Oil 

I use Indonesian Patchouli Dark in a diffuser before and where I practice Yoga. It is a scent that is very grounding and soothing and induces a sense of peace. Sometimes I use it with the Lavender 40/42 or the Sweet Orange depending on the vibe I want. I use this oil daily with a raw organic coconut carrier oil to moisten my skin after a shower! I love Patchouli for its many healing benefits that can be attributed to the oil’s anti-inflammatory, antidepressant,  antiseptic, fungicidal, sedative and tonic qualities. I am always finding new and exciting recipes for this essential oil.



While there are many, many more uses for these oils individually and together, I wanted to share my everyday uses for these wonderful essential oils. When used correctly these 10ml bottles can last a long time.

I always caution anyone using essential oils to take them seriously...get a recipe book, use standard recipes and observe results. Use them sparingly until you know how a certain oils affect you and always take caution around children.


Please share a recipe with me! I love to try new and exciting things with my new essential oil line. 


Sat Nam ਸਤਿ ਨਾਮੁ

Mary C. Rhodomoyer

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