Elevating the Studio, Bring on Aerial Yoga!

Elevating the Studio, Bring on Aerial Yoga!



Aerial Yoga is a Yoga practice that is done with a versatile and adjustable yoga hammock that is suspended from the ceiling, a tree, or a frame. Many modern Yoga studios are updating and offering classes in Aerial Yoga. The practice has an array of health benefits that do burn calories and challenge muscles just like in most Yoga practices.






The yoga hammock supports the practitioner leaving the Yogi floating in the air. This gives you the challenge to do certain yoga postures in anti-gravity. Aerial Yoga also trains your body to move elegantly while adapting to a new support system, and this is said to be a great benefit to your posture. This practice is sometimes referred to as Anti-Gravity Yoga and with anti-gravity comes the relief of the joints and gives us automatic inversion therapy for spinal and neck compression. Aerial Yoga is also a great way to gain strength and flexibility. These swings/hammocks can also be used in sensory swing therapy for kids or persons with special needs but for me, it is an excellent way to take a break! Being elevated in a swing can be extremely meditative and comforting so really anyone who needs a break can use the swing to release tension and take a time out! This practice is just what the doctor ordered! A fun, new, and innovative challenge in a device that will benefit me and my family.





There are many swings out there and because I am a Yoga Gear store owner here at the Yama Yoga Store I am in search of the very best product for my store and customers. I am open to any suggestions out there… just send me a note in the comments section. If you are in the market for one be aware of cheap materials and versions that do not have good versatility or offer low weight limits. You may also want to look for materials that are comfortable, breathable and have a slight stretch. Swings that don’t stretch and offer decent weight limits have been known to rip easily and you are left with the wind knocked out of your sails.



If you are going to a studio note that studios will have a variety of levels according to experience. Even the most seasoned yogi may want to start in a beginner class just to get a feel for it as many yogis are trained to feel the ground. If you don’t like your head below your heart or hanging upside-down this is not the class or device for you!



What can be better than throwing something new into your practice, especially in the turn of the seasons? I will be writing more on Aerial Yoga as I get more acclimated to this new and exciting experience.



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Sat Nam ਸਤਿ ਨਾਮੁ

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