Finding Your Own Balance in Tree Pose

Tree Pose


Tree Pose known as Vrksasana in Sanskrit, is a basic yoga pose used to promote balance and centering. I love this pose because it allows me the opportunity to imagine myself as a tree, breathing and rooting deeply in the earth. The image of a tree is majestic and grounding with air that moves into my lungs relaxing my body into the pose. The fact is however, that Tree Pose does not come easy to me. In 2014 I had back surgery that left my right leg twitching and jumping and slightly weak from nerve damage. This is called Paresthesia. Although the nerve never really healed and misbehaves much of the time I have maintained my yoga practice...starting over in many ways but pushing harder to regain balance and strength. 





How to Perform Tree Pose

  • Start in mountain pose or a simple standing position
  • Take your weight onto your (either left or right) left foot and bend your right knee grasping your right ankle.
  • With your right hand grasping your ankle place the sole of your right foot against the inner thigh of your left leg with the heel of your foot as close to your groin as possible.
  • Take your hands off of your ankle raising them to your waist while pressing the sole of the right foot against the inner thigh
  • When you feel the sense of balance bring your hands together in front of your chest in a prayer position. 
  • As a variation to your hands in prayer you can also raise your hands above your head, opening up the rib cage. 
  • Try staying in this pose as long as you can. Start with 5-10 seconds and then work your way up to 30 seconds and a minute. 
  • Repeat the sequence with the opposite foot.



In my experience now Tree Pose is challenging and more-so standing on my right foot. I also usually need to wear yoga style shorts or a more cotton blend of Yoga Pants if I don't want my foot to slide down while in the pose. I use a good Yoga Mat and sometimes use the wall as a prop when getting into the pose especially on my right side. Tree Pose for me is simply a beautiful experience of grounding and finding my own bodies balance again. In this pose, you may find your truth about your own capacities and certainly about your own balance. Give yourself some time to practice this pose, it may take a few days just to stand for a few seconds.  In Yoga start from where you are, this is your truth and no one else's. 


This pose benefits thighs, groins, your torso, and shoulders. It will help you to build strength in the ankles and calve muscles, and aids in toning the abs. This pose is a great remedy for sciatica. Add Tree to your list of daily poses and gain balance and strength in mind and body



Click below to see a short video on Tree Pose

Tree Pose Simple Video


We would love to hear your comments about anything and everything Yoga! What is your experience with Tree Pose? 


Be Well and Stay Well!

Sat Nam ਸਤਿ ਨਾਮੁ

Written by Soorya Kirti Kaur


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