Harem, Gypsy, Parachute, Yoga Pants are a Lifestyle!

Harem, Gypsy, Parachute, Yoga Pants are a lifestyle!


What you wear projects your lifestyle and intention. The Harem/Buddha, Yoga, Gypsy, Parachute and Hammer pants origins trace back over 2,000 years to garments known as salvars worn in Western and Southwestern Asia. They also link historically to the long fashionable tunic called a Dhoti, worn as a traditional men's garment in the Eastern world. The Dhoti or Pancha, Mardani or Veshti in the East is a 15-foot long piece of material that would wrap around the waist, then the legs and would then be knotted back at the waist. It may have looked like a long skirt. These designs were introduced to the western world in the early 1900’s with many resurgences of varying the style to fit the times. The original versions of the garments were meant to be worn by men, but as the pants entered the west women wore them for various reasons including meditation and yoga. 





As with anything that we wear there is a unique vibration to the clothing. Mindfulness tells us that what we put on our body makes a difference in how we feel and what we project. Even at home feeling good means not only looking good but sporting the clothing that expresses your higher self. The vibe of clothing is down to the very thread, what it is made from, the color (what the dye is made from) the patterns, the fit. Just like jewelry shows the intent of the healer from ancient times through today, clothing is the very same. We wear our intentions, wear our sexuality and spirit. From any culture comes forth the decoration of their spirit and intent. Practicing yoga meant having the clothing to move and breathe without tripping you up. Also, nothing binding to the body during meditation.



Kundalini Yoga science, Yogi Bhajan goes in depth explaining reasons to wear white while practicing Kundalini tech. While it is not mandatory for anyone practicing it is suggested for those leading a class. The most significant thing he said about this is: “Colors create an uncontrollable action in your subconscious mind of inspiration, productivity, and expansion. Colors have an effect on consciousness.” -Yogi Bhajan.  I couldn’t agree more as I walk out the door to teach a college course class in the classic black and red head of the class dominance. 


Rachel Raab


What will you wear to show your intention? What is your vibe? The Yama Yoga Store offers a great collection of yoga pants, harem pants and jumpsuits to not only compliment your practice but can be beautiful, potent in style and energizing for your everyday life. Our harem style pants are the most versatile pants as you can wear them to your favorite yoga studio, concert, tied to a backpack or slipped on after that cool swim on the beach. They can be worn in all of the seasons barefoot, with heels or boots. You can feel good by absorbing the designs and projecting the vibes of Central Mexico, Mandala Gypsy, Stripes for the City, Sunshine, or Sleek Black. Perhaps, you would choose white for those days grooving Sat Nam in the open air and repelling all things low vibe. How about a jumpsuit as you glow in the colors and designs of your choice and your vibe! My favorites are the sunshine parachute pants by buddha pants. They sing my song as I long for the heat of the summer sun! 




Photographs by Rachel Raab



To your health!

Sat Nam ਸਤਿ ਨਾਮੁ
Written by Soorya Kirti Kaur

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