Laughter Yoga

Laughter Yoga

Ok, before I go on about how cool it was practicing this...and I will continue practicing... I have to give you a little bit of background. Laughter Yoga is a modern Yoga exercise that involves induced and prolonged voluntary laughter. The practice usually consists of a group of people that will engage playfully with eye contact between practitioners.

This practice was founded by Dr. Madan Kataria. He started the Laughter Yoga club movement in 1995 in Mumbai. There are now 20,000 free social Laughter clubs in 110 countries. (Who knew?). It is also practiced in many organized institutions around the world.

Why, you ask? Well, Laughter Yoga is not all comedic...this is an actual valuable exercise regimen for your health and wellbeing. The Yoga influence of Laughter is the combination of Laughter exercises with Yogic breathing techniques or Pranayama. Interestingly enough Laughter Yoga serves as preventive medicine and is a complete therapy to those practicing. This practice has a bit of cardio weaved in with a touch of aerobic exercise and this amazing version of Yoga releases lots of endorphins which are natural pain killers that can help those suffering from any form of inflammatory diseases, migraine headaches, and any and all autoimmune or chronic diseases. Many studies show that when we release endorphins it is all good news for healing. Of course not to mention that Laughter Yoga is an outstanding therapy for depression. So, life got you down? Laugh a little and gain a lot.

You see laughter can pull out the negative effects of stress and will boost your immune system. If you spend time laughing every day voluntarily or involuntarily, you will not fall sick easily and depression is not as likely to rear its ugly head. Oh...and any debilitating disease can heal much faster when Laughter Yoga is invoked because Laughter expands the oxygen to your body and brain and makes you feel healthy and energized. And... even if you aren't laughing spontaneously your body doesn't know the difference and releases the same chemicals.

You also may know this type of Yoga if you have ever been part of team-building exercises or performance enhancement exercises. Some coaches like to do this as a way to staying positive and to enhance team spirit and invoke those ever-loving endorphins.

Ok ...Wanna try it out?..this was my first experience with Laughter Yoga ...I was watching a few different Ted Talks when this came up and I have had a great time watching and practicing. There are many YouTube posts on the subject.

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Who is Laughter Yoga for? Anyone and everyone!
I would love to know any and all experiences you have had with Laughter Yoga. Send me your comments. 

Have a beautiful week filled with Laughter!

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