Maintaining Your Yoga Practice No Matter What

Maintaining Your Yoga Practice No Matter What




Wavering practice is a thing! Let’s face it…if you practice Yoga you likely have found days where it’s almost impossible to fit in a regular routine, even for a few minutes. By the end of the day, it’s all you can do to crawl up the stairs and fall into bed, sawing zzz’s before you hit the pillow. On those days that don’t seem to have enough time in them, it seems best to give up your practice for all of the other things on your plate. If you are a teacher, student, caretaker, work a full-time job or jobs, own a business, are a partner, wife, husband, and have kids…who has time to breathe?




Well, if you are any or run in multiples of the above it is likely that you found yourself empty and on autopilot. In the mindset of exhaustion or rushing when would you fit something meaningful into that space? Perhaps stealing away for a cup of joe has been a viable answer. If this all sounds familiar you may want to consider the following.







One thing you can do to maintain your practice is to change your mindset. Get out of the ego state! Do micro meditations utilizing the breath (Pranayama techniques) to re-center your panicky state of both“No Time” & "Not Ideal". These short meditations with the use of the breath will likely give you a new outlook on how to cross those things off of your checklist and give you a piece of that wavering meditation practice. Short power meditations can activate all kinds of good things physically and emotionally. As I have said in previous blogs, you can do this while taking a bathroom break, two minutes is all you need! I do these meditations and deep breathing techniques while on the train, and yes, I have gotten looks while doing Kapalbhati (Breath of Fire)! While that would take care of the meditation and deep states of breathing you may still be missing out on the Asana practice.








Seriously, do Asana practice anytime, anywhere! The power in this is to get creative about when you can fit in a sun salutation or a warrior pose. You might find me engaged in poses while I’m in the kitchen, before jumping in the shower…and a few minutes before my students show up for their evening class (bring a very portable Yoga Mat). I can do, and hold a few beneficial poses for 1-3 minutes in these short periods of time. This gives me great satisfaction despite not necessarily being ideal. While it may not be entirely perfect or what you imagined your practice to be…it is your practice and do the best you can, when you can and growth will happen.







I do travel with a Pranayama and Meditation Apps on my Smartphone.

I connect to people of like mind on Social Media and I always take time to consider Patanjali’s Eight Limbs of Yoga in what I am engaged in… I feel like if I am living it and making progress every day despite some non-ideals it is progressive and satisfactory and mine!





To your health!

Sat Nam ਸਤਿ ਨਾਮੁ
Written by Soorya Kirti Kaur

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