Saturday, Nurturing the Third Eye Chakra

Give your Third Eye an Intuition Boost

Start your 2020 New Year off right with a Chakra a Day Healing Regimen. As you may already know the seven major chakras are vital to our energetic system. The corresponding seven days of the week schedule for enhancing your seven Chakras can be a game-changer for your well - being. Why not dedicate a whole day of the week for at least one week a month to a single Chakra? This allows you to focus and nourish a chakra for a whole day really getting the feel of your energetic system and its function along with giving it a supercharge! Here are the corresponding days and their Chakras. 

• Monday - Root Chakra
• Tuesday - Sacral Chakra
• Wednesday - Solar Plexus
• Thursday - Heart
• Friday - Throat
• Saturday - Third Eye
• Sunday - Crown

Start each day going through the following mediation and then plug in the details for each chakra.


Sit in a comfortable position taking 3 deep breaths. If you cannot find a comfortable position you can lye down or use a cushion or bolster to assist you. Take notice of the Chakra we are focusing on for that day. How does it feel? Take note of the sensations. Is it moving in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction? Imagine the corresponding color filling that area of the body and focus your intention chanting, "I heal and balance (___Chakra)". It is a good idea, especially if you like to journal to keep a good diary of these 7 days. Take note of how you feel and any changes that may arise. Look at situations in your life and be open to checking in to these feelings throughout your day. As with all meditation, it may take some practice.


Today is Saturday so we can focus now on the Third Eye Chakra


  • Third Eye Chakra: Sixth Chakra - Anja -
  • Knowledge, Reflection, Intuition
  • Color: Indigo
  • Yoga Pose: Balasana | Childs Pose
  • Where: Found at the eyebrows above the nose
  • Crystal Companions: Indigo and Amethyst
  • Associated Foods and Tea: Eggplant, Purple Cabbage, Purple Kale, Grapes, Acai, Dark Chocolate, Eyebright Tea

The Third Eye Chakra is found between the eyebrow at the base of the nose. The color of this Chakra is Indigo, and the energy of this chakra allows us to experience clear thought as well as experience our gifts of spiritual contemplation and self-reflection. Through this Chakra, we can internalize the outer world and with symbolic language, we can externalize our own inner world. This experience allows us to cut through delusion to see the deepest truth. In focusing on the Third Eye Chakra and nurturing it, we want to hone in directly on our inner dialogue and truest feelings. Our intuition is far greater at times than any thought. It can be loud and on most occasions, our intuition will not lie. This may make this Chakra the most difficult as we are dealing with our inner self and intuition. An imbalanced third eye chakra can manifest itself as a hardship embracing a spiritual connection or a disconnect of your awareness of your inner and outer realities. An overactive Third Eye Chakra presents itself as the tendency to live in fantasy worlds and out of touch with reality, whereas an underactive Third Eye Chakra manifests as rigid thoughts and stubborn belief systems. After your meditation look forward to journaling about the health of the Chakra by noting its movement and color. What color is it? Is it a bright Indigo or dull? What direction is it moving? Try to journal even further especially if you have a truth that needs to come out or if your intuition has been telling you something that you have been stashing away. As the Saturdays move on and you revisit this Chakra it will be important to review previous notes to see if you are making progress in giving this energy center what it needs to thrive. On Saturday’s wear something Indigo in color and spend a little time self-reflecting on your week. The Third Eye Chakra is especially boosted by Yoga Asana like Childs Pose or Wide-Legged Forward Fold. Hold an Amethyst Stone or wear an Amethyst Mala for the day. You can also put these natural stones directly on your Third Eye Chakra and it will assist in the balance of it. Burn your Third Eye Chakra Candle or good Ajna Incense. There are certain foods and recipes for each Chakra, and I am keeping this one deliciously simple.

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