So, What's the Deal with Chair Yoga?

For those of you not knowing anything about Chair Yoga. 

Chair Yoga is a modified version of Yoga practice that adjusts Yoga Poses and other Yogic activities like Meditation and Pranayama so they can be accomplished from a chair. Chair Yoga allows people who lack the mobility from injury to age to move and stretch and benefit from all things Yoga. If you practice Vinyasa Yoga or Hot Yoga or an Intermediate or Advanced level Yoga routine, you may be asking, “why do Yoga from a chair…what could possibly be the benefit of it?” Actually, poses that involve twists, hip flexor stretches, forward bends, warrior poses, and elongated poses like Mountain can be done from a chair. Students of Chair Yoga are known to increase muscle, tone muscle, reduce stress, improve breathing, and sleep better. Improved breathing and better sleep alone can help mend many conditions and boost your immune system. The other side of the coin is that Chair Yoga fits right into the core ideas of why Yoga is done in the first place. Yoga is not solely about the physical benefits. Yoga at is core means union and that union is built around mindfulness and the flow of the mind and body with the breath.

This year Chair Yoga has been climbing in the ranks among popular studios. However, people of all walks of life are starting to use their devices to stream Chair Yoga during short break times or their lunch breaks to get the benefits of Yoga during work hours and to combat the many physical ailments that come from typing, sitting and to combat workplace stress. This past year I found myself doing all kinds of Yoga poses and deep breathing exercises from my chair naturally and intuitively while I was working. Once I was mindful of these actions, I started searching and then streaming short videos on YouTube for the best short routines. These short Chair Yoga routines have helped me tremendously. I find I relax more, am way more productive and focused and don’t have to “unwind” as much before I go to bed. Sleep comes more easily.

The next time you have a moment and feel the need to take a break, try streaming a short video like the following:  ...and yep take a new and mindful look at your workplace chair. Use it!

We would love to hear any experiences you have in the comments section below.

Sat Nam ਸਤਿ ਨਾਮੁ
Soorya Kirti Kaur @ The Yama Yoga Store


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