So You Wanna Be A Healer...

So You Wanna Be Healer...





We are spirit, mind, soul, ether, light, sound, emotion, material and more. We are multi-dimensional and multi-vibrational beings. It is no wonder in today’s world where we are just starting to figure out what the ancients already knew about healing ourselves that we see an influx of new practitioners in a host of energy healing modalities. In the last century, many people have only been aware of their place on earth and are not aware of other elements of our being. These are the elements that would bring harmony to our bodies and mind, peace and great potential for us as beings. 99% of our attention tends to be on earth and on the physicality of things. Modern medicine concentrates on our physicality and breaks the body down into small parts as if we are separated into chunks. Questions arise when there is disease," is it in the mind, is it the liver, is it the skeletal system?" and all being treated as separate things. The last time I looked I was one super sensitive and complete organism with an auric magnetic field. This is not being disrespectful as modern medicine is amazing in many ways...but I ask, what if modern medicine didn't just use healers of varying sorts as "integrated"  or as an "extra" in their process of both diagnosis and script? In shamanistic traditions, there is a difference between healing and curing. Alberto Villoldo, from the Light Body School (The Four Winds) "where practitioner training combines ancient shamanic wisdom teachings with cutting-edge practices in nutrition, biology and more" talks about how curing is for physicians in the west who tend to want to control symptoms, while healing is a holistic practice that gets to the root of the illness through mind, body, and soul. Health is about balance at all levels of the system, so what does it take to get into true healing? As a person interested and learning in the most ancient of practices in healing and health I remember wondering if there were just a few things I really need to know to start thinking about before diving in. 




Here are the Three:


1. Healers are individuals who are formally trained to restore balance to a recipient. Most importantly, The healer must have a true healing intent and be in a clear and coherent state and able to maintain that state through the healing process. 


2. The recipient must be willing to get better. Some hold on to their disease and that can truly be tough to break. The recipient of the healing must be willing to let go of old ways, stuck energies and gain knowledge and practice of new harmonious ways of living. It is within the recipient that the healing happens!


3. The tools used by the healer that mediates between recipient and healer are powerful and hold vibrational resonance. The healer should be practiced and intuitive with the tools they use. There are many different tools that healers may have. The following are a few tools used in healing with many practitioners choosing a variety, not just one :




Mediations Singing Bowls

• Tuning Forks 

Crystals and Stones

• Singing


Guided Hypnosis

• Hands – Reiki or Massage

• Colored Lights

Asana or Body movement

• Dancing

Essential Plant Oils | Aromatherapy

• Various herbs and substances






What I have learned thus far cannot be said through words. As I go through varying ideas and study ways of healing I find that all of these things can be significant and vast. I use the tools I migrate to most through intuition. My best practice thus far has been distance healing with no tools but me, my meditation pillow and some good Palo Santo to clear the air. I have also learned that ALL of us have healing power. It is born within us and part of our infinite and boundless power. If you want to be a healer find your niche and do the world good as we progress into our luminous selves!




Sat Nam ਸਤਿ ਨਾਮੁ



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Written by Soorya Kirti Kaur

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