Take the Plunge. December is a Time for Rebirth!

Take the Plunge. December is a Time for Rebirth!



December marks the end of the year when at the Winter Solstice the Light returns. Many traditions consider the solstice their new year. The return of light marks the time of sacred renewal and rebirth. The Holly King or Dark God dies so that the Oak King or Sun God may be reborn. Why am I writing about December rituals now? While this ritual is fun, it takes some planning. Rebirthing is a beautiful ritual and a rite of passage into the new year. Clearing all of those negative stuck energies and planning what to leave behind is essential. 

Homes are decorated in symbol with the idea of rebirth. The evergreen tree and the decorative lights are an original symbol of the newborn Sun God returning the light to us. Our ornaments are a reminder that summer will come again and a wreath reminds us of the sacred circle of life. Long before we celebrated the birth of Jesus these symbols and traditions were used to give hope to the coming of the new, the return of the sun. 

Since this is a joyous season that holds a promise of all things new, rebirthing is a popular ritual that is appropriate for the season. Rebirthing can take place in living water (pond, lake, stream, ocean) as well as a pool, hot tub or bathroom. Whatever body of water that is good for you at this time. However, taking a cold dunk can be liberating as long as you do it responsibly and take what you need (along with a friend or two) to get warm quickly! Rebirthing is a ritual and therefore holds much more power than a simple “New Year’s Resolution” during a moment of weakness.





Here is How to do it:

  • Focus on the things you wish to cleanse yourself of 
  • Write those negative messages down, take some time to memorize them or you could even write them down with water-soluble colors on your skin or a piece of paper before the ritual starts.
  • Get set up at your chosen place to take the plunge. If you are at a place with cooler temperatures and cooler water bring a friend, warm dry clothing, and a place to warm up after with a great cup of tea. Making a contained campfire is always perfect for the end of a powerful ritual to reflect. (bring essential oils, incense, crystals, and blankets)
  • Get into the water either walking, running, or jumping and go under while focusing on cleansing yourself of the negative energies. Watch the words from the water-soluble inks fade from your skin or paper if you chose this route.
  • Get out of the water knowing that the negative energies are left behind and that this will bring fresh positive energy to your new year.
  • Reflect on the ritual afterward. If you are so inclined, write the experience down in a journal!





While there is so much to do around the holiday's...take time for yourself, rebirth and clear out the stuck and stale for a new you ending this year!


To your health!

Sat Nam ਸਤਿ ਨਾਮੁ
Written by Soorya Kirti Kaur

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