The Ego Eradicator

Ego Eradicator


Written by Mary C. Rhodomoyer




Kundalini Yoga Body Position


Kundalini Yoga is my go-to Yoga Tech. It seems that this science works for me and works quickly when I need it. It is not easy, but I enjoy the philosophies behind it and take note of advanced and quick changes in my spiritual, mental and physical health. As I am a deeply sensitive person I can go through stages of “not feeling myself.” Kundalini Yoga addresses this very issue. Kundalini guides us in that all information comes from a single place and that place is inside you! Kundalini Yoga technologies explore consciousness from our existing physicality by moving energies upward in the body through several modalities including kriyas (exercises), meditations, mantras, and mudras. These practices work by moving our identity out of the mind and fear state to focusing our awareness into our deepest selves. If you know anything about meditation, meditation for even a few minutes a day can be very helpful physically, mentally, and emotionally. Your breath is the very tool to recentering and even advanced states of inward focus. Breath and body movements are nothing new but in Kundalini the expression is different and some would not recognize these movements as Yoga necessarily. 



One of my favorite Kundalini Kriyas is the infamous Ego Eradicator that is within the large volume of teachings by Yogi Bhajan. (Yogi Bhajan is the person who brought Kundalini Yoga to the West in the 1970s.)  The Ego Eradicator brings together the power of the breath (Breath of Fire) with a simple arm position. (See Image Above)



Here’s How:


  • Sit in a meditative comfortable cross-legged (Lotus or easy pose) position on a mat, blanket, bolster or meditation pillow.
  • Raise both arms up to a 60-degree angle above your head. Keep the elbows perfectly straight and the shoulders down.
  • Lock the neck.
  • Curl your fingertips onto the pads of your palms and raise your thumbs up and back pointing to each other!
  • With Kundalini it is customary to close your eyes and focus your eyes above your head. Close your eyes.
  • To learn the Breath of Fire start by panting like a dog on a hot day. Your breath should look like short powerful inhalations and exhalations at a relative rate of 2-3 breaths per second. Feel your belly contract with each exhalation and pump air in on each inhalation. Your stomach becomes a pump here and should move firmly and forcefully with the breath.
  • When you get your breaths to be equal in length you can close your mouth and do this radical breath from your nose.
  • Do the Breath of Fire and hold this body position for 1-3 minutes.
  • To End: Breath in Deeply and bring your arms together touching the two outstretched thumbs. Open your fingers, exhale and bring your arms to your side.



(Optional) Sing: May the Long Time Sun Shine Upon You 



In closing, this technique is known to awaken the senses, open the lungs and bring your magnetic field closer to the body. Fantastic when feeling scattered! Ending with this song is a great way to move forward! 



Sat Nam ਸਤਿ ਨਾਮੁ

All Comments Welcome!! Please give us your experience with this Technique!


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