The Fifth Yama

The Yama Yoga Store Talks About The Fifth Yama 


“One who is not greedy is secure. He has time to think deeply. His understanding of himself is complete”. ~ Yoga Sutra II.39


Hey, Don't be Greedy... Aparigraha is the Fifth of the five Yamas in Patanjali’s Eight Limbs of Yoga. (I am still getting a handle on this pronunciation) In Sanskrit, it translates to non-greed, non-possessiveness or non-attachment. This non-greedy Yama asks us to take only what we need, keep what serves us best, and to let go. In a nutshell, we are asked to be aware of our insatiable human desire for “more.” To be a little more clear, the human condition is typically challenged by the repetition of our minds chatter that tells us we are incomplete or not good enough without the same possessions as our friends and neighbors. This may be hard to get around in our current culture as we are continuously pounded with images of persons who apparently, “have it all.” (or do they?) 





Being mindful of our need for more more more is important. Ask yourself the question, do I have what I need? If you are reading this you may already be blessed with a bank account in the positive, food in the fridge, a comfy bed, and couch, computer, and workplace. Perhaps you can even afford the cost of a Yoga class! If you do have what you need to survive then you may want to cultivate a more mindful approach about what you attain, what you need to let go of and how you personally waste. If you have things that do not serve you perhaps its time to donate to those less fortunate. You can now, in good conscious, let go of those shirts that have been hanging in your closet since High School. Let some cool kid in need have it and sport it as a new look! Speaking of which this is not about that pat on the back_ either by you or another…which is yet another piece of this Yama puzzle, the non-attachment to outcomes. Leave the outcomes or fruits of good deeds and creative endeavors to the wind. Moving forward without thinking about what you will get out of it is a much healthier approach! Without being concerned with recognition, or what others may think about you... your spirited endeavors may flow more freely without all of that.






The way around this mindless chatter is in the observance and focus of it. If we really take a look at our thoughts we start to realize how they affect us and the people around us. We can use a mindfulness approach and deflate the chatter by using the technique of observing the thoughts, and without judgment watch them, and as you watch them see them dissolve...your obsessive desires float away like dust in the wind. (Here I go with the songs again)




So, don't hoard, observe your spending, possessions, and waste..and don't give a care what anyone thinks of your new found spirit!


To your health!

Sat Nam ਸਤਿ ਨਾਮੁ
Written by Soorya Kirti Kaur

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