The Five Pillars of Healing

The Five Pillars of Healing

There are 5 essentials of healing and it breaks down to these five in most healing modalities. I am speaking, of course, about healing not curing. Curing is a term that the West uses to describe the curing of symptoms...perhaps somewhere in between the lines, there may be something implied about healing. Think about the one thing people say as disease sets in, “Well, is there a cure?” The issue is that we are brought up to believe that curing is the one and only way. The curing of symptoms really has nothing to do with healing but may over time promote healing or in the worst way actually destroy it altogether. I have witnessed both first hand. 



Letting go of the position of “substantiated evidence” for everything in your wheelhouse is key. Our reality is like looking through a tiny hole. We need to expand this tiny hole especially in the field of healing. We should consider trying to absorb the universal philosophy that we see only 5% of the world we live in. This world is made up of the elements that form tables, chairs, and physical fleshy forms that contain energy. These forms are born from a place of the sacred and luminous energy fields. These fields are the very thing we as humans have forgotten about and are now awakening to. The ability to talk with plants and herbs and see energy is one that has been beaten out of us. We are the peasants that have been raped of knowledge by those persons seeking power. What is the most powerful thing? To understand human potential and power and keep that from us?  We were a people in the ancient past that could heal because there was no false understanding of what we are and what we are capable of. Healing was part of everyday life along with the understanding that death is a simple return home and back to spirit. I was told in a lecture to not forget how to help a person die and to assist them in the beyond. This has been a powerful idea but I would need to learn from someone else to take on this task…I’m working on it. 


To start you on your journey here are the five essentials of healing:

Willingness. You or the person you are helping must have a real desire to heal. There are those people that at the deepest level do not want to heal. That has to be something that is looked at carefully. If someone does not want to heal, they won’t!


Awareness. Unfold your limited vision to eradicate fears. This could mean going back in time to relieve pains that you cannot get rid of. These can be anything from abuse, to being bullied. As you become aware, you lose the fear and the small scope of things becomes much clearer. You may even find the reason why you are sick in this step. 
Acceptance | Non-judgement. Accepting yourself exactly as you are. Accepting yourself with the disease. No pity, No judgments. (I did not say any of this is easy)


Individual Empowerment | Liberation. Reclaiming your power. You can get the wind taken out of your sails from being told you have an illness. Over many years our own individual powers can be diminished. We must reclaim them, and, in that act, we must take responsibility for ourselves and our condition. There is no other way to regain power. No one has made you this way, you have given your permission. I know there are circumstances that fall outside of this tight box. 
Attention | Focus. Focus on wellness and healing, focus on your healing. Our minds can be all over the place. Our intentions good but inside we are not there. We must learn to focus on wellness and not the disease. Don’t give the illness power. Give the healing the ultimate power.  





No matter what kind of healer you want to be there are these five essential pillars at the very core of the healing journey. I love energy medicine in all forms. I enjoy Crystal Healing and Chakra Healing with Reiki. I have used the tech of Kundalini Yoga.  I have used candles, drums, massage, crystals, singing bowls, and essential oils. I can see the energy and pain in color. I am practicing more and more with that ability. All modalities interest if you are a healer, I would love to hear from you. What do you do to help yourself and your patients heal? 





Sat Nam ਸਤਿ ਨਾਮੁ

To your good health!


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