The Power of Color in Crystal Healing | Green

The Power of Color in Crystal Healing | Green


More people are becoming open to using healing stones or crystals. These stones have millions of years of history stored within them and energies you can use to tap into healing and personal growth. In crystal therapies, we look to green as it is a base and primary color and is associated with earth vegetation and growth. It is also the color that corresponds to the central Heart Chakra and its energy represents overall renewal, harmony, and balance. There are crystals, gems, and stones associated with this energy and can be used to harmonize imbalances. I use the words stones, crystals and gems interchangeably. 


Stones Associated with Green Energy:

  • Calcite
  • Moss Agate
  • Garnet
  • Aventurine
  • Malachite
  • Jade
  • Emerald
  • Chrysoprase
  • prehnite



Our Heart Chakra in or out of balance affects us on physical, emotional and spiritual levels. In the Physical Body, the color green is associated with our bodies heart, lungs, and diaphragm. Because of this overall association green is a potent player in our ability to breathe. In Yogic traditions, the breath is the most important player in meditation, calmness of mind, balance, physical health, and spiritual connection.


In our Home Space, green can be associated with freedom and the ability to move freely. If you are in a space with clutter there is an imbalance. Cleaning up, recycling, donating and adding green stones can help clear this imbalance.


At the Emotional Level green reflects the balances or imbalances we have with the heart. This shines outwardly in our attitudes of love, caring and sharing with others. Relationships require many polar opposites like restraints and freedom, privacy and openness to work. If you are out of balance in this area the polar directions that relationships require can be confusing causing a never-ending rift in personal relationships. 


Spiritually, the green vibration is associated with all aspects of personal growth and our ability to choose freely what and how that growth manifests. 



Imbalanced Green Energy / Heart Chakra can manifest as:


•          Illness

•          Growths (cysts)

•          Lack of Emotional control

•          A sense of feeling caged or restricted

•          Sense of unfulfillment

•          A need to be in control

•          Lack of discipline

•          Isolation

•          Confusion about one’s purpose or how to achieve goals



To help with these afflictions you can use green crystals, gems, and stones in a variety of ways. Please keep in mind that intuition is key. If one or more of the stones don’t feel right, do not use them or if intuitively you want to place the crystal somewhere_ do it. These intuitive senses are key in healing with these beautiful natural high-powered tools.


Try these techniques to establish what may be right for you:


1.         Hold a crystal during meditation

2.         Create sacred space with your green crystals and reflect upon it. Use the healing energy in that space with the intention to clear your affliction.

3.         Lie down and place the crystals on your body. Place the green crystal on your heart chakra and feel the energy stir in that area. Aventurine is a great choice and placing it on your heart with intent can help to motivate healing.

4.         Put the crystals around you while doing a heart stimulating yoga sequence.



I have great personal enjoyment with crystals. I keep crystals, stones, and gems with me in my bag or pocket in my daily life. I focus on green and keep a few green gems on my person as the heart chakra for me personally is a point of ongoing focus. As a good starter for working with green energy and crystal healing the Yama Yoga Store offers the Green Crystal Pouch.



Write to us in the comments section as we would love to hear any experiences you may have with green stones, gems, and crystals.


Be well and Stay Well!


Sat Nam ਸਤਿ ਨਾਮੁ

Soorya Kirti Kaur

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