The Power of Indigo in Crystal and Gemstone Healing

The Power of Indigo in Crystal and Gemstone Healing





Indigo corresponds to the sixth of the seven chakra’s or “Third Eye Chakra” or Ajna Chakra. The Third Eye Chakra governs our “gut feelings” or our “sixth sense”. The Third Eye Chakra is associated with the sinus region, the nose, vision and the pituitary gland. This Chakra directs our imagination, focus, devotion, and intuition, and promotes a deeper concentration for meditation. Indigo is associated with deep levels of consciousness. There are numerous crystals and gemstones that can open and balance the chakra system and a good few for the sixth sense Indigo Chakra.


If your Third Eye Chakra is out of balance you could experience physical symptoms like sinusitis, poor vision, and migraines. Emotionally you may feel blocked in life and life becomes stagnant. You may start to mistrust your intuition and start a continuous and unproductive dialog with the mind. As this energy center conducts the pituitary gland and neurological functions it can slash our ability to fight infection and regulate sleep.


Imbalances in this Chakra may present itself outwardly as someone who is scheduled, routine, and dogmatic in their beliefs. An overabundance of Indigo may express itself as overindulgence or excessive dreaming. You can rebalance this chakra but sometimes the opposite color is necessary for overactivity. For example, Citrine or Sunstone would be introduced to balance the presence of overactivity in this chakra.




Healing Stones for the (Ajna) Third Eye Chakra:


Amethyst: The “Sobriety Stone” Used to open, stimulate, balance and help with an addictive personality. Amethyst is a healing stone that offers dream recall and is used heavily in meditation to assist in getting to that deeper consciousness and stay there. This stone strengthens psychic abilities and vision both externally and internally. Wear this stone to reduce anger and impatience. Amethyst is a precious healer stone.


Lepidolite: This stone is the stone of rebirth. It is useful for life transitions and very helpful in times of stress. It gently eases strong emotional feelings and can help with mood swings, depression, and excessive worry. The stone itself brings hope, relief, and gentleness to restless sleep and even helps with self-forgiveness.


Charoite: This stone is key in the transformation of negative energies, it improves intuition and can be a strong stone for advancing psychic abilities. Use this stone effectively by placing it directly onto the third eye chakra in a prone meditative position (Savasana) . Great for lucid dreaming and boosting intuition.


Iolite: This beautiful, clear bluish to lavender mineral is often used by the healer to open a golden light pathway from the throat chakra up through to crown. This crystal is the most recommended stone for stress relief, detoxing and all kinds of addictions. Iolite has a direct link to the mind, is a modern stone that soothes the nervous system. It can help you feel more “together” when feeling scattered energies in the mind and body.



The Yama Yoga Store provides a great starter pack with these stones, called the Indigo Pouch



To use these stones, I would always suggest wearing them, like the Amethyst Cluster. I also suggest putting these stones and minerals under your pillow as they are active in the unconscious...what better time to heal than in your sleep? You can activate the stones for healing in a grid formation and do a meditation with the specific intent to clear and balance this Chakra.  Carry the stones with you. To drive the balancing and nourishment home try to use some incense that is for the balance of this chakra. Have the Third Eye Chakra Candle handy for extra support in the clearing and end with a cup of Chakra Balancing Tea.





For myself, the third eye chakra is more overactive. However, I have run into times where stagnation and stickiness in this area really affected things like sleep and focus. I used Amethyst solely and had fantastic results both wearing the stone and putting it under my pillow.


Your experience matters! Write to us in the comments section as we would love to hear any experiences you may have with red stones, gems, and crystals



Be well and Stay Well!

Sat Nam ਸਤਿ ਨਾਮੁ

Written by Soorya Kirti Kaur

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