The Power of Sound

The Yama Yoga Store talks about Mantra and the Power of Sound



For Centuries, Hindu practices in spirituality understood and utilized sound to contribute to well-being. A mantra is a vehicle for reducing stress, maintaining good health by optimizing energy flow and to promote spiritual health and awakening. The word mantra comes from two Sanskrit words. Manas and Tras, the literal translation of these two words together are "instrument of thoughts!" (tools of the mind) A mantra is a vibratory resonance through our own voice, a sound vibration in which the practitioner focuses on thoughts, emotions, and greater intent while chanting. Typically, the mantra is a verse of some doctrine or a repetitious singing of the name of a particular god or goddess or evoking a particular sound that is universal like Aum. (OM)






Eventually, as the mantra gets chanted the repeated sound allows for deep focus as we listen and concentrate on the sound, quieting the mind and through this vibration, a subtle and yet profound power moves us into deep states of awareness where intense states of peace and manifestation can be accessed. A good substitute for voice is the singing or meditation bowl. These bowls create a vibratory sound and that sound can be used the same way as Mantra. I love even having small mediation bowls around or to carry with me. I use a 3" meditation bowl called the Medicine Buddha





It is important to note that sound resonance goes very far into science and complex philosophies. While I want to keep this simple I would like you as readers to note that resonance and sound are known to do some profound things. We might not be able to see sound...but we certainly know it exists!! (Funny how some folks want only visual evidence that something exists_what about sound?  Can't see it but we sure know its there when that double sub-woofer is blasting Snoop Dog down my street at 1:00 am... I love snoop dog by the way, but not really at 1:00 am)





Here are some things science can prove about resonance and sound:


  • Sound cannot be seen and yet can break a glass. Interestingly enough breaks it into uniform pieces


  • Can levitate objects (we have used it for small objects but imagine levitating boulders?)


  • Boils Water



  • Sound is faster than the speed of light, called Hypersound


  • Can make things invisible


  • Literally, energizes the water we drink and air we breathe. Water and air would be dead otherwise!


  • It can create rain or even stronger weather patterns.







Think about this phenomenon and the likely things we can do with our own voice. We have the ability through sound to make things happen!
Certainly, in the west, we may question tribal methods of chanting and dancing for rain, thinking that it is all hoopla but perhaps there is much more to it than we are willing to explore or question. 



If we look at the religious and spiritual end of this spectrum we see that sound is pronounced as the way to create..." the word of god" brought light into being. In Egypt and Africa's creation stories, the world came into being through a song. So according to certain religious and spiritual doctrine resonance and vibration are the beginnings of all things manifest. A mantra is just that and more. A personal tuning tool to help you create the things you want in your life...through word, through sound.





To further your exploration:

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To your health!

Sat Nam ਸਤਿ ਨਾਮੁ
Written by Soorya Kirti Kaur

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