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Upward Facing Dog or Urdhva Mukha Svanasana (Yes, I am still working on my Sanskrit) is a pose that is traditionally found in the Sun Salutation sequence. However, this pose is excellent on its own. When doing Upward Dog on its own give yourself time to go from Downward Facing Dog to Upward Facing Dog as the pose tends to happen more naturally in this ritualistic sequence. I like to hold it for up to 30 seconds and then end by going back to Downward Facing Dog. See the short video below to move Up Dog into your practice beyond the Sun Salutation sequence. 



Upward Dog has many benefits including:

  • Improving posture
  • Strengthening the spine
  • Strengthening arms and wrists
  • Stimulates abdominals and internal organs
  • Stretches chest and abs
  • Helps to relieve fatigue
  • Helps relieve sciatica
  • Opens the chest making it a great pose for breathing/asthma


Here is a video showing this wonderful Asana with Chelsey Korus on Howcast.


You should avoid this pose if you are pregnant or healing from a wrist injury or carpal tunnel. Follow the flow of the move from the video and avoid arching too far... keep your back intact! Only ever go as much as you feel comfortable and slowly deepen the move with the breath. Keep in mind your breath is the main tool to allow you to go deeper into any pose. Do not hesitate to use a good sticky mat for this pose as sliding can happen. You can also modify this pose using a blanket propped up under your thighs. 



Have fun with Upward Dog, I always feel energized and considerably less fatigued when doing this pose. 




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What is your experience with Upward Dog



Be Well and Stay Well!

Sat Nam ਸਤਿ ਨਾਮੁ

Written by Soorya Kirti Kaur


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