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Evil Eye and Psychic Darts

There is a strong belief among many cultures that by looking at a prosperous, healthy, vigorous or happy person with some form of contempt can bring ill will to them in life. “A 1976 cross-cultural survey by folklorist John Roberts found that 36 percent of cultures believe in the Evil Eye.” (Benjamin Radford, Live Science Contributor)

The person responsible for this affliction may be doing this involuntarily or with intention and most likely it is a result of envy or jealousy. In the world of psychic energetic events, the Evil Eye is an attack or mean-spirited force that puts bad energy toward an unknowing person. There are specific ideas multiculturally to conduct yourself well by not saying anything bad or thinking anything bad about an unsuspecting person. Also, multiculturally, there are many rituals and ideas that suggest before starting your day you partake in a ceremony, prayer or meditation that grounds you to earth and shields you from the possibility of ill will or negative energies.

Challenges of Evil Eye or Psychic Darts

  • Physical disease, weaknesses or infections and even death
  • Mental depression, the feeling of helplessness
  • Senseless losses like many accidents, failure in business, loss of multiple jobs, misfortune and injury.

There must be something behind this, right? Well, think clearly about what thoughts are! They are forms and they are energy. In the world of prayer or mantra, it is not unheard of to heal someone through good vibe energy, concentration and thought even from afar…so what of the opposite? Of course. It is likely that you could feel the effects of someone’s malicious thoughts and with enough people behind those thoughts or if a potent energetic psychic dart is thrown at you your energy field can certainly take this on.

The role of human intuition plays a part in the diagnosis. Try to notice any symptoms listed above. Take time to “feel” your house, your car, you'r business and more importantly you'r being. If things go awry for no apparent reason, then we can conclude that negative energies may have come from an envious person. If you have undiagnosable physical symptoms you may consider that your energy field has been under some attack. Or perhaps family problems that are not typical can indicate this.  Ask yourself, “Is my energetic field clear?”  Use your breath and intuition to get an answer.




In the morning when you wake up do a simple grounding and shielding technique. Put on your protective psychic super suit and have the intention of protecting yourself and your possessions, business and loved ones throughout the day. Use Psychic Self Defense!!


  • Take a Deep Breath and let it out slowly
  • As you exhale imagine your feet are like the roots of a tree growing and grounding you into the earth
  • As you inhale meditate on a purple light or flame coming up through your feet and into your body absorbing any negative energy.
  • Feel how grounded you are
  • Inhale and exhale normally
  • Before opening your eyes try and find a “super suit” to wear for the day. What does it look like? What are the things that this suit will be good at protecting you from? Imagine slipping this suite on. Feel it.

(My own super suit looks like a diving suit. Nothing can penetrate it.)




As a person that has been afflicted by psychic darts and the evil eye, I carry the Turkish Evil Eye Pendulum (#2) wherever I go. I can attest that days when I forget or simply don’t have enough time for any kind of protective ritual, carrying a protective symbol, is certainly the next best thing. Another symbol to keep around is the Khamsa or Hamsa (#1) which is an elaborately carved symbol of a hand (hand of god) with an eye in the middle. It comes in all kinds of trinkets and jewelry like incense burners, and accents and I have seen many people sporting this sacred symbol as a tattoo. I am hoping they are aware of what these symbols actually mean! There are many remedies and cultures that take this very seriously and all have a myriad of ways of getting rid of it like performing an Oil Ritual, Smudging, Reiki, or Prayer. If the affliction is severe I recommend you seek out a Shaman or Healer who has the psychic abilities to see into how you are being affected. With so many different elements to the curse like being challenged by inter-dimensional beings, poison etheric snakes, and deities a Shaman would know best how to deal with this problem. 


Here is a great and rather interesting binaural beat called "Cry of the Banshee" ...YouTube is a great place to find your beat to scare the Evil Eye off. 







Use our Comments section, let us know of your methods to eradicate this affliction!


Sat Nam ਸਤਿ ਨਾਮੁ
To your good health!


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