The Yama Yoga Store Talks About the Benefits of Restorative Yoga

The Yama Yoga Store Talks About the Benefits of Restorative Yoga



Restorative Yoga is about the slow down! Life can be fast and furious (weird movies connection)…and it is important to restore and revitalize your body. Restorative Yoga is just that, restorative and downright nourishing. I can't speak highly enough about this form of Yoga…as a Professor, Mom and Yoga Store owner amongst other hats…life can be brutally hectic. This causes the cortisol to pour in…I gain weight and have a difficult time with sleep! Restorative Yoga is one remedy that I do not ignore! It provides the mental and physical balances you need to actually prevent anxiety and push the stress levels down to a tolerable if not completely manageable level. Restorative Yoga implements the use of Props that allow for your poses to deepen and to be held longer without strain.




There are a few prominent poses in the world of Restorative Yoga Practice:



Childs Pose




Legs up the Wall



Corpse Pose





You can stay in these poses from a few minutes up to 15 with practice and with the use of bolsters, blankets, straps, blocks, and pillows. Do yourself a favor and shop with us at the YamaYoga Store for your best gear and props!










We look to the world of active practices and know that these moves benefit us in many ways…but the long deep poses with props help your body to engage in the pose with better positioning and body alignment in a soft-touch kind of way. Here are some of the benefits you can experience along the way:


  • Regular Restorative Yoga Poses leads to more enhanced flexibility quicker!
  • Restorative Yoga helps you to notice where you hold stress, it can make you aware therefore giving you the ability to address it. 
  • Restorative Yoga creates perfect alignment in the body allowing for the breath to flow freely. (A great way to start a meditation practice)
  • Trimming fat and weight loss is a big part of this. Restorative yoga helps cut fat by cutting off the cortisol! (Yep, studies have shown this!) Just what I and many of us need!!
  • By relaxing in Restorative Yoga you will boost your immune system and recover from illness or prevent an illness from occurring.
  • Look, we all have emotional stuff…Restorative Yoga can help in dealing with all kinds of life-altering occasions…and emotional conflicts. Loss, grief, and depression are managed by the nourishment that this practice gives!


For an oldie but a goodie (filmed in 2011) check out these 15 minutes of health benefiting restorative practices!


To your health!

Sat Nam ਸਤਿ ਨਾਮੁ
Written by Soorya Kirti Kaur

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