There Really is a Meditation for Visual People...

There Really is a Meditation for Visual People...



Some of us work with the right side of the brain and really cannot fathom simply watching the breath. At least that is how it was for me many years ago. I was just a teen, living in the outskirts of Bucks County Pennsylvania. I was serving as a Nanny for a few weeks over the summer in NYC. On my bus trip home I heard a group chanting a Mantra. As the group left the bus on a stop before my own a woman halted in her own tracks, looked at me and said, "you must meditate but not in the usual way." Prophecy? Yes! 







Meditation taught as emptiness was not received or successful for an active imagination like my own. It was important to look into a more imaginative experience. There are two predominant methods of visual meditation. One is Internal Visualization where you would focus on a mental image. This can be an object, place, color or even symbol. The mental imagery should be strong as if you are looking right at it with all its glorious detail! It is in this practice I found my most profound experiences. To start this meditation you would need a comfortable seated position, a timer (two minutes to start) and a strong mental image. From here your experiences will flow and life will change gradually in ways you cannot define. If you need guidance look no further than Yoga Nidra. In Yoga Nidra, a teacher will guide you through certain visually detailed journeys to wonderful peaceful places! This is a great way to start on your meditative practice! 







Two is Focused Meditation where you would use a pinpoint focus on a still object. A candle flame comes to mind or a horizon line or even a symbol or god/ goddess idol. I find this very effective for short micro meditations and to help in any anxiety-producing situation…(like the dentist). As a visual person the details of the object start to become prevalent and without judgment of that object, the mind becomes quiet! Voila! 








It is important to note that the breath is still the way to meditation and any visual or otherwise meditation needs controlled breathing to start the process!



Visual meditation is used in many cultures and spiritual traditions worldwide. This would include Yogic, Tibetan Buddhism, certain secular western therapies, Taoists, and there are no greater visuals than in the traditions of Shamans of South America. 


So visual people, there is a solution to the blank canvas meditations you heard about!
Your strength in vision is a great benefit to practicing meditation…
The Yama Yoga Store suggests you use it!



To your health!

Sat Nam ਸਤਿ ਨਾਮੁ
Written by Soorya Kirti Kaur

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