Three Great Reasons You Should Try Smudging

Three Great Reasons to Try Smudging






You may have heard of Smudging but never thought it was necessary for you or perhaps you considered it..Ummm weird! Smudging has been used for centuries as a way of “cleansing” negative energies and purifying living spaces. Smudging refers to the burning of certain kinds of dried herbs and wood to cleanse the air of low energies or to be exact to bring negative ions and lose the positive ones. It is inexpensive (could be free if you grow sage) and easy to practice. The following are a few reasons you might want to try this ancient practice in our modern times.



The Main Reason is to Clear the Air of Negative Energies and Promote Negative Ions!


If you have that, “this room feels a little off”  kind of vibe in your home or any space really you might want to start right where you feel it. No, it is not your imagination...if it feels "off" it most certainly is! Many people tend to keep on living with the repetitive idea that somethings off but never addressing it, walking into the same space with that nagging low energy feeling crawling up your spine. It is not necessary to leave it as is, this feeling and space can be and should be changed. Some of you may consider this practice fantasy or just a change in your mind and vibe by doing the ritual... but in reality, there is a bit of good solid science behind smudging. Burning certain herbs like Sage or Palo Santo changes the air's composition and physically changes air quality by altering its ionic composition! Positive ions in the air are mainly pollutants. We want to bring in Negative Ions to change the space as they clear the air of airborne allergens such as pollen, mold spores, bacteria, and even viruses. This ritual cleansing can actually open the door to new energies by removing the stuck stale air and so changing the overall feel or experience of that space. 






2. Smudging Causes Transformation


When we have a change in energy we have an opportunity to transform ourselves body, mind, and spirit. All kinds of energies get stuck in the air. If we have traumatic or negative experiences they get “sticky” and hang out in the air around us. By physically altering the air, we literally are talking about removing the old negative vibes and removing them completely. So, if you have had a recent break up think about changing the air, lightening up the space and so transforming all the energy in that negative experience to help you move on! How mood-boosting is that?





3. Using Smudging as a Deep Clean!


As I stated, Sage and other smudging herbs alter the ionic composition of the air when it is burnt. It, like that of Himalayan Salt releases more negative ions in the air, which has some profound effects on us as individuals and certainly makes for those physical changes in our spaces. As science states, negative ions make our air healthier. These negative ions have an antibacterial effect and can also cling to and demolish those nasty smells that linger in certain spots around our homes and workspaces. Another point of smudgy clean is that negative ions can collect dust by clinging to it and then bring it to the floor making it easier to sweep away.


I have to admit that I do smudging kind of constantly! My house is small and set up in a way where the air gets a little stuck in places. I really like burning Sage and any form of Palo Santo. I have chosen the absolute best products for the Yama Yoga Store when it comes to smudging! A great way to get started in your home is to Get The Kit! The Purification Kits come with everything!



Here is how I do purification in my house:


I open a window and hold the bundle (Sage) stem side or Palo Santo stick lighting the tip with a match until I see the flame. Next, I blow out the flame and place the sage bundle or stick into an abalone shell, turtle shell as seen above or bowl. While holding the bundle or stick over the bowl or shell I begin from the eastern corner of my home and move in a clockwise manner with the intent of removing any stuck, stale, or otherwise bad vibes! If you are smudging all rooms continue with each room and end at the front door! Extinguish the embers by rubbing them inside the shell or bowl. Be sure the embers are completely out! To give this that fresh ritual kinda feel, place the ashes on the doorstep and give the solid intention for the ashes to protect your home!






As you all well know to be careful with the smoldering embers as they can blow off of the bundle and be a fire hazard…so  have a bowl or large shell as you smudge! Safety first! For all things new, fresh and open, clear the air! Smudging is a technique that is ancient, can be a powerful ritual into transformation and help us move into new territory! 




To your health!

Sat Nam ਸਤਿ ਨਾਮੁ
Written by Mary C. Rhodomoyer


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