3 Reasons Why You Should Feel Great About Practicing Yoga At Home

3 Reasons Why You Should Feel Great About Practicing Yoga at Home!



Hey, I'm certainly not saying do not join a good yoga studio or class. But, Individual home practices have benefits. It is not about the latest trendy class, it's just about you getting to know your own body and where your own yoga routine should start! 


The Benefits Are:


You Start to Understand your own Body, without Comparison or Distraction.
You don’t even have to get in your car or think about washing your latest Yoga (trendy) Pants or interacting with students or teachers. There is no social event here, just you, your time, your mat & gear and the practice of yoga itself! You are not comparing your moves or your body to the person next to you or trying to do good for the teacher in the front of the class. Leave the distractions behind and you will learn to focus and be attentive to the subtle feelings that happen as you engage your body in practice.




You get to choose what poses are right for you and hold them for however long you can! You get to be the driver of your own car here! You can choose what to start with and not force your body into poses that may be too difficult. Start slow and gradual holding the poses, never straining. Get a good routine going with a Gaia program or Linda Sparrowe’s book, Yoga at Home: Inspiration for Creating Your Own Home Practice. These are very helpful tools in starting to learn what is right for you. I was in Yoga routines & asana for 10 years before ever stepping into a class. I prefer my home practice and according to some Yoga doctrine, it is really where you can find your yogic happy place! Once you have settled into your Yogic niche you may want to find a teacher who specializes in one on one for advice on how you can further your practice at home. An individualized session with a teacher will help you advance your knowledge with any progressive moves you may want to attempt! 



You Get to Rest in Savasana Longer After your Routine!



After our routines are finished in a classroom, they may give us three to five minutes in Savasana. Getting up is great if it is determined by the individual! At home, I can spend 10-15 minutes in this resting pose, and usually do! I wait until that intuitive voice calls me back to open my eyes and experience the light again. Savasana is a great way to calm the mind and get the breath before walking back into your day. 





Where do you Practice Yoga?

Tell us about your studio or home practice in the comments section! We want to hear from you!


To your health!


Sat Nam ਸਤਿ ਨਾਮੁ The Yama Yoga Store
Written by Soorya Kirti Kaur

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