Using Crystal Wands to Heal

Crystal Wand Healing & Massage

Written by Soorya Kirti Kaur  
January 9, 2019



Massage crystal wands are a fantastic and extremely powerful tool to introduce healing energy into the body via the outer energy fields. Crystal wands are manipulated crystals that are cut from larger stones and in some cases given a rounded edge on one side and a polished point on the other. The rounded edge can be used safely on the skin providing a tool to use lightly on sore muscles etc.… lightly moving the wand will help relax the muscle and reduce swelling. For imbalances, tension and deeper pain, however, small counterclockwise circles moving up the body about 3-6 inches away from the body is ideal to draw these energies out. Many practitioners have an intuitive sense when working with crystal wands and with that intuition comes the greater power of healing between the stone and its user.

When working with these highly polished and refined crystal wands you may notice a more defined energy flow than an unrefined stone. The point is just that, a means to direct energies to where you want them to go. Different crystals wands will work differently for you and each patient will respond differently. Make it a thing to intuitively choose the wand when meeting the person you are working with. Also to change them out as you are working with stuck energies if need be.

If you want to work with crystal wand energy in massage or for use in Reiki healing practices the following method is a great way to start. Please take note that I suggest fully that your intuition take precedence over time to replace any formal/fixed technique.


This method is used to remove stress from the “Suksma Sarira” or the subtle body which consist of the mind, vital energies and the physical body.  The idea is to not only remove stress but to align the energy fields. Once the energy fields are aligned and unblocked from stress the energy can move freely promoting vitality. Be sure during any session such as this you ask the person to announce if they are experiencing any level of discomfort, strange sensations in the body, mood or any abrupt changes in thought pattern. Let your patient know clearly that any areas of imbalance cleared are prevention at its best.

  1. I like to clear my own energy field, ground and protect through a short meditation. Sometimes it is necessary to do a full-on grounding with some Palo Santo or another clearing herb especially if I have been very focused on something else.
  2. I wash my hands with a bar of natural soap in cool water and make sure the crystals have their full potency. Rejuvenate the crystal with essential oils if need be.
  3. Hold the wand comfortably in your hand.
  4. Starting near your patient's feet move up the body making small counterclockwise movements 3-7 inches from their body. (intuition plays a role in distance here)
  5. Make certain you are concentrating on any stress or tension you find along the way. Stop at those points and move the crystal wand in those areas several more times until you feel the energies have cleared.
  6. These sensations you get when moving up the body may feel different at each spot. Do not ignore your senses here. We all can feel these, especially when using a tool like the crystal wand. The wand may feel like a lead weight, very light or even like it is stuck. Stay in it in those areas because ultimately the crystal and you are clearing those energies for this person.
  7. Sometimes you may feel a sensation where the crystal will want to change its movement. Allow this to happen until the movement feels right. Again, intuition rules here!
  8. When you reach the top of the head you can then change the crystal in your hand so the pointed end is facing the body of the patient. Now you can use clockwise small circles that will reenergize the Suksma Sirira or the subtle bodies.
  9. It is not important which hand you use, just that it is comfortable, so you have no physical strain when using this method of massage.


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Be well and Stay Well!

Sat Nam ਸਤਿ ਨਾਮੁ

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