Using Energy Medicine with Food

Using Energy Medicine with Food


Relationships with food are personal. Good for us foods vary upon individual bodies! What is good for me may not be good for you! There is a ton of information and diets out there telling us what to eat and what not to eat. Protein, high fat, no carb, vegetables, food combining, etc… personally, I have done it all! If there is a diet out there I likely have tried it. Like most women my age (maybe all ages) I have simply strived to be thinner. I have had my ups and downs. I am a person who has some extra weight but can swim an hour, do asanas that many women my age cannot do, kayak and when I was at my “highest” weight I could ride a bike 55 miles… and likely have kept going!




I have learned so much about my body and acceptance through Yogic Practices, Shamanism, Kundalini, and Ayurveda. In Yoga, those choice asana practices that help to nourish and energize the body are made with care. Basically, we all start with Yoga practice exactly where we are. (one of the first things teachers tell us) Choices about yoga poses are made with care and the execution of those poses are gradual and even sometimes modified!  My body knows pretty immediately, perhaps beforehand if a particular pose is not right for me. Call this intuition...we all have it and are capable of knowing what is good and right for us just by taking a moment to listen to our bodies!





In the same manner, my body knows what foods will or will not be good for me. This came with practice, patience and understanding energy medicine that can serve and guide me through making decisions. I learned this technique from several different books based on shamanic practices and from an Iridologist that I was seeing who uses energy medicine techniques. I now know just by looking at foods if they are neutral, beneficial or not good for me. This can be as simple as waving your hand over an item. Do you feel repelled or compelled? 



Here is how the energy medicine practice goes: 

  • Slow down the entire process of shopping
  • Do not just throw something in your cart because of a label, box or design or even the latest fad.
  • Hold the product in your hand and feel it, look at it.
  • Hold the product close to your body, take a deep breath and as you let your breath out see if you move forward or back.
  • If you move backward it is repelling you away from the item.
  • If your body moves forward it is moving toward the item in your hands and likely a good choice.
  • I also ask it. I know this may sound kind of crazy but our intuition is real. And while I don't think you should start talking aloud to a tomato so that everyone can hear I do think a silent, "are you good for me?" can answer the question.   


Your first step in this process is in the grocery store not in the kitchen. This is the beginning of a fluid and conscious effort to be in control and to formulate a relationship with the food from the start. Relationships need to be nurtured and none so much as your relationship with what goes into your body.  Once you start doing this it is easy to see some of the things in your diet that your body does not care for. And yes, some of those things will be hard to let go of. We combat with our voice of cravings. 





A Cravings Voice: 


What many people believe in is the cravings voice. But we can distinguish a craving voice from our intuition if we just stop for a moment and listen. The general consensus is to wait around eight seconds. If you wait you may get to know and hear that craving voice ...The craving voice that tells you what YOU NEED.  Waiting allows you to address that voice and make choices to either compromise with it or eradicate it altogether using the energy technique stated above. Cravings tend to Yell at you and say, ”You Need ( fill in the blank) & Now”  (and if hasty in listening to that voice we justify it...after all how could that be wrong?). Cravings speak to us when not spoken to and are as interruptive as a commercial during a nail-biting scene at a movie. In conclusion, we would benefit from stopping, looking and listening… not let the cravings voice make the decisions...and letting our food, intuition and energy medicine answer our questions about how it will affect us and what works beneficially for our bodies.


It works!






Take care at the market and in your cooking! 

Trust in your intuition. Use energy medicine... Look, Listen and Feel It!

We want to hear your experiences with food and this process!


To your health!

Sat Nam ਸਤਿ ਨਾਮੁ
Written by Soorya Kirti Kaur

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