Working with Crystal Energy

Working with Crystal Energy


Crystal Medicine is a very powerful therapy when it comes to the mind and body! Crystal Energy is often used as a healing energy resource and when applied works on our human bodies that are made up of energy fields, frequencies, and aura. Most piezoelectric crystals like clear quartz are known to draw out negative energies in the physical body. When energy is distributed properly and circulating correctly and freely, the body is healthy and vibrant. Imbalances, stuck energy and high amounts of energy in particular areas of the body are believed to be one of the root causes of disease and temporary illness of both the mind and the body.





Crystal remedies come from many different cultures and generations of peoples. These remedies are handed down through tribes and families, shamans and healers. Despite the variety of regions and peoples using crystal energy healing with diverse conceptual ideas and practices, all have a common theme and that is that they use the intrinsic power of stones and gems to draw out trapped negative energy and balance the energies in the body and mind. 




Meditation can be done with crystals and stones! If you watch anyone through media doing guided meditation you will notice that they are typically surrounded by beautiful crystals and gems on the set. Amethyst towers and quartz seem to be the crystals of choice and some small stones as well. Choose crystals that contain healing or energy properties that are in line with what you want to achieve in your meditation. Having an addition of clear quartz along with other stones is helpful as clear quartz magnifies the energies of other stones. Setting your intentions and meditating surrounded by your crystals magnifies and focuses your results. Hold the crystal in your hand that has the most resonance and feel the energy, feel the focus it brings.




How to know if a crystal is right for you:

  • Close your eyes and concentrate on the color of your stone. 
  • Try to imagine the crystals energy and how it feels in your hand
  • Inhale and exhale naturally
  • Ask yourself about the experience


I have experienced burning sensations or severe tingling when a stone is not resonating with me. But when it is, I can feel a warmth, like an embrace, a sensation where I want to continue holding the stone. The stones should enhance a positive, reconnecting flow of energy, which will allow you to recognize it as beneficial for you.

Take this ancient knowledge with you and pack your complimentary crystals in a pouch or wear them! The gems can enhance your energy and awareness and promote healing of any emotional stress or ailment all day long. I take my crystals with me especially into computer labs where I teach and I have ones to absorb a bit of my cell phone use! (EMF)


If you are just beginning in the world of crystals each stone has its own energy signature. Keep yourself informed on different varieties of crystals and stones with a comprehensive handbook, The Complete Crystal Handbook by Cassandra Eason,  that includes beautiful illustrations and instructions on spiritual development. This book includes information on 500 varieties of gems.





If you really start to work with crystal energy and feel a resonance with their healing power "Get Certified" through the Yama Yoga Store as a Hot Stone Therapist. This new and exciting course is a complete study of healing with hot stones, cold stones, and gems! This beautiful path of study will certify you to work with hot stones and will give you a deeper look at blending a variety of treatments with a variety of stones such as the Chakra, cold stones, and crystals. 

See our complete list of courses in crystal therapies. 

To your health!


Sat Nam ਸਤਿ ਨਾਮੁ
Written by Soorya Kirti Kaur

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