Yama Yoga Store Celebrates Yoga Day and Talks about the Aquarian Age

Yama Yoga Store Celebrates Yoga Day and Talks about the Aquarian Age 


Since the inception of Yoga Day in 2015, we can see via social media the dedication and the mass following of Yogis and Yoginis here in the west. There is beauty in the meetings and outdoor events where there is a celebration with postures, sequences, meditation, and voice.

In the celebration today we have leaders and teachers talking to their crowds about the Yogic Path and in some traditions discussing the shift. The shift that we have been feeling for the past 50 years from the Piscean Age to the Age of Aquarius or Age of the Mother. 

The official date of the Aquarian Age was on 11.11.11. I welcome the feminine spirit!





We must know that with any shift there comes resistance to it. Shifting to a new age is felt by us all and that means it may heighten some of us to take care and embrace our oneness with mother earth and all sentient beings and unfortunately with others, it will do the opposite. With some folks that change will be a nightmare of fear and anguish. The idea that staying in an age that was considered “Golden” to them is the only way to live and preserving it at all costs is the modus operandi. Hence many expressions out there of “making something great again” (or like it was) is a big deal to those preserving their golden age.


In this Aquarian age, more of us are considering the practice of Eight Limbs of Yoga (see previous blogs). Those practices might be considered as Yoga Day falls into place and the world around us could use some healing and love. This year, I have considered many things in my practice but the one thing I really walk towards more fully is that I am connected to all that is. I'm working on it!  The concept is one that the ego loves to haggle with it, but when you meditate fully there is an understanding that the air we breathe is the air we all breathe, all things have a soul and we all stand on the same planet, Mother Earth. We have done so much to hurt her and now in this shift, it is time to take care of her and her inhabitants as she takes care of us.





Take care to become refreshed and renew yourself with possibilities_ reap the benefits of the yoga experience. Join us at the Yama Yoga Store in celebration!

Get yourself a portable mat, block, and strap - take a hike and do something good for yourself today!


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Sat Nam ਸਤਿ ਨਾਮੁ
Written by Soorya Kirti Kaur

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