Yama Yoga Store Moves with the Third Limb of Yoga, Asana

Yama Yoga Store Moves with Third Limb of Yoga, Asana



Move is right. The Yama Yoga Store loves Asana's, The Third Limb of Pantajali's complete Eight Limb Yoga system is called, Asana. Asana according to Patanjali means "steady comfortable posture". All Asana postures should be both of these things, steady and comfortable. This particular Limb of Yoga is all about preparing the body for sitting comfortably in meditation. Who knew you had to practice to sit? (I have been successful in this area of life already, just ask the indent on my couch!) 



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Asana practice is so important because it keeps this vehicle of the spirit healthy and has a range of benefits including an increase in energy, flexibility, disease prevention, discipline, and focused concentration. The postures here in the west are the most popular form of yogic activity and many believe that this is, in itself, Yoga. In the grand scheme of Yoga, this limb is but one piece of the greater yoga lifestyle. Also, many folks here in the west associate the postures with the ones they see in pictures of persons looking more like a pretzel than a human. While this shows the best and most dedicated to this practice it is not where anyone needs to be or go to practice this third limb. Recently, I had been asked if I could contort myself into a living pretzel. Not yet, I'm working on it and getting better each day! The process of the Asana practice can be started very slowly with easing into Sun Salutations or even started and ended lying down or from a chair. A good Eco-Friendly non-slip mat or even a towel mat if you sweat is a good beginning essential tool. For beginners and advancing practitioners, yoga blocks and straps can be used when the flexibility isn't quite there. See this for further info on some good ways the yoga strap can benefit you. (https://www.doyouyoga.com/10-ways-to-use-the-yoga-strap-with-photos-55570/)




What is out there is a starting point for all persons flexible and non, strong and not so strong. There is no age limit or ability. It may be tricky or you may feel like it is a daunting task to find your niche in the wide world of Yoga Practice but if you keep looking you will find your thing! There is a lot out there to choose from so pick a few videos or join a local studio. Although there is a subscription fee for Gaia.com I find them to be a great starting point because of the range of topics you can choose from. You can start in your house anytime, or anywhere via tablet or phone and you can scroll through and preview beginning to advanced practices of all sorts. A local studio is always great because you will find like-minded individuals and most communities have lots of practices and levels to choose from. 


Don't be so paranoid, all kinds of folks like yoga and the physical, etc... benefits of Asana. So get out there and find your groove with the Third Limb of Patanjali's Eight Limbs of Yoga. 


We want to hear your story. Give us a shout-out in the comments and let us know your favorite routine or pose!


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