Yama Yoga Store says, Concentrate on This!

Yama Yoga Store says, Concentrate on This!


Don't let your mind push you around!

The Sixth Limb of Patanjali’s Eight Limbs of Yoga is Dharana where we start to move inside ourselves. Dharana by definition is, “concentration” or the binding of oneself to one object, sound, place or idea. And nope, I'm not talking about concentrating on a TV screen or cell phone…that does something entirely different! The first thing I think of is a person in a seated meditative posture fixated on a candle flame (can you say stereotype). Think about using a good bolster for sitting in meditation for long periods, it helps! The Yogi or Yogini goes deep into the flame or objects to connect to it and ultimately, through awareness, to become one with it. This oneness with the object is a good description of the plight of Dharana, but there is more to it! This concentration on an object or Dharana is the access point to meditation so, Dharana is, in fact, the critical moments just before meditation begins.


The idea of focusing is to bring your mind to attention. Many people use an object and it is said to be a great way for beginning the practice of meditation. You could, however, use sound with Meditation Singing Bowls or Drum's humming or banging in sequence, chanting a mantra, concentrating on your breath, or even focusing on a place like a horizon or the ocean. Breath is crucial for meditation and of course, all states of being and healing breath work should be practiced, but meditation through breath work alone can be difficult at first, as a single source way of getting into a meditative state. Bringing the mind back to an object no matter how many times it takes is in itself the practice of Dharana. Over and over again we focus to stop the mind from wandering from the candle flame to the avocado and tomato sandwich you just made for lunch. This practice of focusing not only gives you the power to meditate it will give you power over the running dialogue in your head and eventually gives you complete control over the mind. As you can imagine, being the master of your own mind has many benefits, and with that chatterbox out of your way you can do just about anything and long-term meditation is one of them!



I was able to do this sort of extreme focusing from a young age. Now, going into a meditative state is done with some ease. You can play with this. Try and catch yourself going in and out of higher states of consciousness. This is a natural state of being and happens at varying times throughout the day, usually without us recognizing it. When you catch yourself, ask yourself what you were doing at the time? Would this be a way to start by understanding what you are focusing on? Playing with this idea I use Drawing, Photographing, and Listening deeply to sounds in my environment. Find your niche and start your incredible journey inward.





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