Yama Yoga Store says Meditate Already

Yama Yoga Store Says, Meditate Already! Patanjali, the half-human half serpent that compiled ancient texts into the 196 Sutras including and most importantly the Eight Limbs of Yoga have it down for us. He covered the bases for humanity's steepest dilemmas in that short text so we can live well and ultimately experience our inner world without that ego of ours getting in the way. Think of the Eight Limbs of Yoga as represented by a tree. The tree trunk describes us and our most basic ego-driven selves. The eight branches serve as the eight limbs of yoga living. These branches provide us with specifics to follow and in turn give shape to our lives. Think of the fruit and leaves of the tree as our bliss, that space in which the mental chatter stops.


Yama is the first limb and has five parts that cover things like living a life of non-violence, being truthful in your words, using your energies for the good, not stealing, and of course, living a non-greedy lifestyle. Breaking down these limbs and living this way may take some practice and dedication. When you start even a few minutes of meditation and folding into the practice of asana, these actions tend to fall right into place. Self-awareness creates a space of responsibility. (See the Five Yamas described in full on our blog page)


Try something new this Fall from the Yama Yoga Store. Grab a yoga mat and some incense and do a two minute timed meditation. Really, that is all it takes to get started!! Set a timer and off you go. If you are not comfortable with that method of meditation, try using a repetitive motion like conscious walking or beating a drum in rhythm to induce a good meditative state. Repetitive motion and sound have been the hallmark of ancient practices of connecting to the source, healing, and ceremony. Try a good sun salutation or short routine from a reputable source like Gaia.com

Be Mindful, Be Present, Be You!


Please share your experiences with us.  We would love to hear your story!

Sat Nam, Soorya Kirti Kaur


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