Yama Yoga Store Takes a Deep Breath and Talks about Pranayama

Yama Yoga Store Takes a Deep Breath and Talks about Pranayama


The Yama Yoga Store takes a deep breath and talks about Patanjali's Fourth Limb of Yoga, Pranayama. Control or Freedom of Breath! The interesting thing here is that we rarely even think about or notice our breathing. That breath, that fourth limb is a formal practice and the source of our vital life force known to us as Prana. It is another part of the shaping of oneself to the liberation of Samadhi, to our birthright. When we pull apart the word Prana-Yama it literally means breath control. If you break it down to Prana-Ayama it means the freedom of the breath. There may be some debate between the two but usually, these ideas flow together and where they meet is where the power lies.







I don't know about you but I can think of countless times in those life situations that are not so comfortable where I was actually holding my breath, and I believe I did this for long periods. Leaving the situation with my face red ..there was no flow, only tightness. By diving into breathing exercises in Kundalini Yoga practices I have learned to breathe and pay attention to it in most situations. Again, I'm working on it! Sometimes when I focus really really hard I hold my breath…(like now…I better take a break...)



The physical focus on the breath is a miracle worker for us. It can change our clarity, emotional states, energy, physiology, mind and soul state. Here is something else that may grab you;  many of us really don't know how to breathe. Yep, that's right…your doing it wrong! The awareness of the diaphragm is not so apparent to everyone so by means of practicing breathing techniques we are provided a guide to the sensation of the diaphragm when our breathing is correct. The diaphragm is felt, understood, and the effortlessness of breathing takes place as the flow of Prana enters.





Here is a great link to the beginning steps of breath practice: https://www.3ho.org/long-deep-breathing

It is called Long Deep Breathing and is the precursor to Agni-Prasanna or Breath of Fire which, is better than any double shot latte. It is really a natural energizer. Long Deep Breathing uses the entirety of the lungs by engaging all three chambers of the lungs; chest, abdominal, and collarbone or upper chamber. In a nutshell, begin the inhale with an Abdominal Breath, then add the Chest Breath and finish with the Upper or Collarbone Breath. These exercises are done in a smooth motion with some folks employing counting techniques to control how even the flow is. 



In my own practice, I do Long Deep Breathing and Breath of Fire daily. These practices are primary in Kundalini Yoga.  

I use a meditation cushion called a Zafu. It is comfortable and I can sit for long periods using this instead of a blanket.

Some folks really like the Buckwheat Bean or the Zabuton for comfort in their practices of Pranayama.



Take the time to give yourself the energizing gift of Prana!


Hey, in the comments area give us a shout out about any breathing techniques that work for you!

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Remember to Breathe!


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Sat Nam ਸਤਿ ਨਾਮੁ

Soorya Kirti Kaur
Yama Yoga Store

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