Oracle & Tarot

Oracle & Tarot

Oracle & Tarot


I actually really love Tarot and Oracle decks!! I have a few of my own and long to collect a few more that I have seen and one that I carry in my store which is the Eight Coins Tattoo Tarot that features artwork from a well-known tattooist, Lana Zellner. Or the Hedgewitch Botanical Oracle by Siolo Thompson that draws its inspiration from healers and has a 192-page guidebook. These two now reside in our new category in the Yama Yoga Store for Oracle and Tarot. 


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Animal Totem Tarot Deck & Book by Leeza Robertson

Animal Tarot The Yama Yoga Store loves the design of these Animal Totem Tarot cards wit..


Fairy Wisdom Oracle by Brown & Brown

Fairy Wisdom Oracle The Yama Yoga Store brings you Amy Brown's Fairy Wisdom Oracle. Thi..


Golden Dawn Tarot by Wang & Regardie

Golden Dawn Tarot The Yama Yoga Store features the Golden Dawn Tarot that reveals the m..


Rider-Waite Tarot Deck

Classic Tarot The Rider Waite tarot deck by Pamela Colman Smith is featured at the Yama..


Self Love Oracle by Akal Pritam

Oracle Deck This Oracle Deck featured at the Yama Yoga Store invites you to explor..


Steampunk Tarot Mini by Barbara Moore

Mini Tarot The Steampunk Mini Tarot is featured at the Yama Yoga Store is steampun..


Tarot of the Orishas by Zolrak & Durkon

Orishas Tarot The Yama Yoga Store brings you this deck that opens you up to the divinat..


Angel Tarot Deck & Book by Travis McHenry

Angel Tarot Deck  This Angel Tarot Deck and Book is brought to you by the Yam..


Animal Dreaming Oracle

Animal Oracle Developed with the corresponding energies of the four directions thi..


Bohemian Animal Tarot Deck and Book

King & McLeod Bohemian Animal Tarot The Yama Yoga Store features this Bohemian..


Book of Shadows Tarot (2 decks)

Book of Shadows Tarot Decks Yama Yoga Store | Book of Shadows Tarot Decks by Barbara Mo..


Brotherhood of Light Egyptian Tarot Deck

Egyptian Tarot The Yama Yoga Store brings you this fantastic tarot deck that provides a..


Circle of Life Tarot (round) by Maria Distefano

Round Tarot Deck The Yama Yoga Store features this amazing circular deck that propels y..


Complete Tarot Kit Deck and Book by Susan Levitt

Tarot Kit This kit brought to you by the Yama Yoga Store includes everything neede..


Cosmic Tarot Deck by Norbert Losche

Cosmic Tarot The Cosmic Tarot Deck depicts symbols and icons from varying eras. This de..