Calya Journey-Wise, Magickal Meditations

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Calya Journey-Wise, Magickal Meditations



The Yama Yoga Store is proud to offer Calya Journey-Wise, Magickal Meditations CD that explores that at the smallest level, that we are all quantum VIBRATIONS. Different parts of our bodies resonate and respond to various frequencies. These are called Chakras or Realms and they create our Aura.. Colors, tones, foods, herbs, essential oils, crystals and even our thoughts are all VIBRATIONS which we can use to help cleanse, balance, and enhance our Auric Realms. Calya Journey-wise is a system of Metaphysical information and self-guidance based on the Celtic Tradition of journeying inward in order to increase self-knowledge and Magickal Wisdom. Learn to be a Sovereign Being by traveling the Realms of the Magickal land of Hammeril using Interior Inspection, Crystals, Aromatherapy, Guided Meditation, Ritual of Movements, releasing techniques and more, all Color-Coded to the 17 Realms.


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