Chakra Incense Collection

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Chakra Incense Collection

Chakra Incense Collection

These vibrant incense sticks each represent one of the 7 Chakras. Yama Yoga Store brings you these incense which are hand blended and only includes natural ingredients such as woods, gums, herbs, and essential oils. Use at your altar and in sacred ceremonies.

  • Muladhara ROOT Chakra – earth
  • Swadisthana SACRAL SPLEEN Chakra – water
  • Manipura SOLAR PLEXUS Chakra – fire
  • Anahata HEART Chakra – air
  • Visuddha THROAT Chakra – sound
  • Ajna THIRD EYE Chakra – light
  • Sahasrara CROWN Chakra – thought
  • Total 35 incense sticks


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