Feed your mind, body, and soul. Move further into your spirituality or healing practices through the courses offered by the Yama Yoga Store. get a new and exciting career as we have Chakracology, Massage Therapy, Reiki and an excellent Meditation course among many others. The YamaYoga Store courses are certified by the National Association of Holistic Wellness. 

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Crystal Ascension Reiki Course

Crystal Reiki Course Bring in new possibilities with this amazing home study, learn at ..


Book of Stones Course

Hot Stones CourseGet Certified through the Yama Yoga Store as a Hot Stone Therapist! This new an..


Book of Stones Course PLUS

Book of Stones Course PLUSGet Certified as a Hot Stone Therapist! This newest cour..


Chakracology Course

Chakracology Course Become a certified Chakracology therapist with this simple, compreh..


Chakracology Course PLUS

Chakracology Therapist Course The Yama Yoga Store offers you this Chakracology PLUS cou..


Color Elite Color Therapy Course

“Color Elite” Color Therapy CourseBecome a certified International Color therapist through thi..


Crystal Angel Keepsakes

Crystal Angel Keepsakes The Yama Yoga Store uutilizes the colors of the Rainbow, the Ch..


Crystal Light Crystal Therapy Course

Crystal Light Crystal Therapy Course The Yama Yoga Store offers you this “Crystal Light..


Crystal Massage Course

Crystal Massage Course Get certified through the Yama Yoga Store. Become a “Crysta..


Crystal Massage PLUS

Crystal Massage Therapy Course Become a certified crystal massage therapist through Yam..


Crystal Medicine PLUS

Crystal Course Get certified. Becoming a Crystal Medicine Therapist through t..


Massage Therapy Course

Massage Therapy Course Yama Yoga Store brings you this amazing informational massa..


Meditation Certification Course

Meditation Certification Course This Complete Meditation Certification Course for begin..


Meditation Teacher Course

Meditation Teacher Course This Complete Certified Meditation Teacher Course&n..


Pro Acupressure Facial Course

Acupressure Facial CourseStart your professional career in facial acupressure with this certific..