Crop Circle Candles

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Crop Circle Candles


The Crop Circle Candle Collection here at the Yama Yoga Store are beautifully handcrafted representations of 3 of the most famous crop circles. The crop circle phenomenon is traced back to 1590, with a document referring to strange and geometrically sound shapes appearing in fields. Today, there are more and even greater and more complex sacred geometrical patterns. the complexity of the patterns are ancient, sacred and grounding. These candles are 2 x 3 inches. They each have an approximate burn time of 75 hours. The Yama Yoga Store candles are made with the spiritual essential oils of Rosemary, Grapefruit, and Amber.

Each includes a piece of crop circle flint from actual crops circles around England.

 Ascension Crop Circle

Represents the moving upward in a spiritual awakening of life’s purpose. It is the allowing of our journey unimpeded from fear, judgment or life’s obstacles.


 Grounding Crop Circle

Represents our maze through life and the lesson that we can handle anything that comes our way, wrong turns and all, as long as we stay focused and grounded.


 Vision Quest Crop Circle

Represents our looking inward on a more psychic and spiritual sense in order to “see” our other choices and paths in life. It is insightful and open to that which lies before us.


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