Angel’s Mist Frankincense Essential Oil

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Angel’s Mist Frankincense Essential Oil

Frankincense Essential Oil


Your mind a can be strengthened through the use of Yama Yoga Store’s multi-purpose frankincense essential oil. Frankincense is excellent for anxiety. This oil has been derived using the natural, yet advanced, methods of cold pressing and natural distillation.


Use: Aromatically, Topically


Uses: Center yourself and soothe emotional trauma by using this wonderfully aromatic oil as aromatherapy. If you are burdened with anxiety, nervous tension and stress, look no further than frankinsence essential oil  as It revitalizes and soothes emotional wounds, burdens and trauma. This oil promotes a peaceful loving state that helps to stabilize our mind and mental power.


If you feel overwhelmed or off  apply 1-2 drops of Frankincense essential oil to your wrists and neck


½ oz bottle

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